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Year 7 Independent Learning Task 1

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1 Year 7 Independent Learning Task 1
Assessment Focus Generate, Develop, Communicate and Model Ideas.

2 Objectives This homework will enable you to meet certain objectives.
By completing this homework you will understand some of the subject specific terminology used in Design and Technology. By completing this homework you will learn about how presentation can improve your level of attainment. By completing this homework you will know that research can inform your ideas.

3 Introduction to the task
Design Context A famous games company would like you to design a new game for the Xbox or the Wii. They have decided that you (the designer) can choose the consumer and the genre for the game.

4 Task 1 To begin designing you always need to complete some research. This will help you gain inspiration for your own design ideas. The research should include similar products to what you are designing. In this instance you can research games made by xbox and Wii. Once you have collected your research from the internet, magazines, newspapers, catalogues etc, you will need to create a mood board of the things you have found. You may look at colours, shapes, graphics, themes, lettering, existing products, etc. There is an example of a completed mood board on the next slide.  

5 Combat Desert Example mood board
The Genre for this mood board is obviously combat, which a lot of games are based around. Example mood board Combat Desert

6 Race Speed Example mood board
The Genre for this mood board is obviously speed and racing which a lot of games are based around. Example mood board Race Speed

7 Once you have created your mood board you must suggest who you are designing for and what genre you will be using. The genre of my game will be_____________________  The consumer of my game will be__________________

8 Task 2 In this section of the homework you need to produce two design ideas using the research you have found. You should have already decided who you are designing for (consumer) and also what the theme (genre) of the game will be. Make sure you link your design ideas to the research (mood board) you have already completed. When presenting your ideas use lots of colour and annotate (label). You can add in more pages or complete this work on a separate sheet if you want to

9 Example idea The way the name is presented in interesting
Made for the Wii Like the background colour Race track included across the whole of the case. The flames look like the cover is going fast A barcode can be added

Task 3 Template This section is all about modelling. Modelling is a very important part of a designers work. It is important to model ideas to see if they are going to work. To model your design idea. Use the template to draw out your final design using the best parts from your original ideas. You must show that you have looked at your original designs to get to your final design. Maybe this is just using the same colour scheme from one of the original ideas and using the font from another one. YOU WILL NEED TO GET THE TEMPLATE FROM YOUR TEACHER.

11 Evaluation Evaluation
After you have completed your homework project to the best of your ability you need to think about how well you have done, and how you could improve your work. The work book provides space for you to reflect on what you have done well. Be honest! You will also be asked to state which parts of the homework you think you could improve upon. You need to think about things such as how you have presented your work, did you do as much research that you could, do you think you used your time wisely or did you not spend enough time on it. Do you think you could have improved your ideas, or how you have explained your ideas. What about your model? Is it neat, does it look good. All of these aspects could be evaluated, but it your pinion of your work that we are looking for whilst marking it.

12 Assessment You can achieve a very good level for this project if you decide to put in the effort it requires. There are examples of how to achieve each level on the next slide. Think about your target grade, and think to your self – do I want to achieve that or am I going to strecth myself to get a higher level. Looking at the level descriptors before you start your assignment might help you with the content of your work. Good luck!

13 Level descriptors for generate, develop, communicate and model ideas
You have attempted to design a new game, the ideas show a slight link to the research. There is very little or no annotation evident. Your presentation is weak. The model is attempted. LEVEL 4 Your ideas show some links with the research you have carried out. You have drawn two ideas and annotated them. You have completed the model and cut it out. LEVEL 5 Your ideas are clearly linked to the research and are well presented. You have drawn two ideas, annotated them clearly stating good and bad points. You have used colour in your model and it is suited to the consumer. LEVEL 6 You have collected your research from a range of sources. Your research has been used to help you design your ideas. There are clear links with the needs of the consumer. You have presented your ideas very well and all sketches are in proportion, with detailed annotation and precise colour. Your model is very effective and looks very appealing.

14 Accessing the homework
You will be offered a hard copy from your teacher of Y7ILA1a you can also access this from the schools website. You will also be given a hard copy of the template needed for task 3 If you are finding the homework difficult in any way please use this PowerPoint to help you, or use Y7IL1Ab (on the website) If you feel like you want to stretch and challenge your self and go for a higher level than your target please look at Y7ILA1c

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