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Markham Woods Middle Music History Part 2 The Baroque Period.

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1 Markham Woods Middle Music History Part 2 The Baroque Period

2 Baroque Period: Time Span 1600 – 1750 Derived from a Portuguese word meaning “Oddly Shaped Pear” Baroque Music: –Highly Ornate, Lavishly Texturized, Very Intense –Contrasting Volumes, Varied Tempi, More Artistic Freedom

3 Baroque Period: The Music What’s New? –Opera A drama with intense vocal music and instrumental accompaniment Originated in Italy –England – Masque Opera performed privately for royalty only –Comic Opera Created as a parody to generate humor

4 Baroque Period: The Music Orchestra –Mainly string instruments –Wind instruments doubled parts List of instrument later in this section –Solo Concerto towards end of period Solo instrument with orchestra accompaniment

5 Baroque Period: The Music Fugue –Monothematic melody restated by different instruments Variation –Melody played 1 st time and repeated in a more ornamental form Chorale Prelude –Mainly composed for church –Slow melody with fast moving accompaniment Dance Suite –Moderate speed for dancing with repeated melody

6 Baroque Period: The Instruments Violin

7 Baroque Period: The Instruments Flute

8 Baroque Period: The Instruments Oboe

9 Baroque Period: The Instruments Horn

10 Baroque Period: The Instruments Timpani –Kettle Drum

11 Baroque Period: The Instruments Organ

12 Baroque Period: The Composers Johann Sebastian Bach –Church Organist –Composer: Organ Music –Music Family 20 Children –CPE Bach –Wilhelm F Bach “Fugue In G Minor” “Brandenburg Concerto”

13 Baroque Period: The Composers Antonio Vivaldi –Ospendale della Pietà Director of Music –Master of melodic invention –350 Concertos (2/3 for violin) v The Four Seasons: Winter

14 Baroque Period: The Composers George Friderick Handel –Opera Composer –Born in Germany –Worked for King George I “The Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus”

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