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1 Timbre

2 Review – What is the definition of timbre?
The type of sound created Refered to as tone color

3 Instrument Families

4 Vocal Ranges Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
The four MAIN vocal ranges from highest to lowest are: Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

5 Instrument Family Research
How does each family of instruments produce sound? List 6-8 examples of instruments in each family. Pick (1) instrument – Earliest “occurrence” How does that specific instrument produce sound? What is it used for now? Five basic families: Aerophones Idiophones Membranophones Chordophones Electrophones

6 Classifications of Timbres
Aerophones: Instruments that produce sound by a vibrating column of air. Flute Tuba Harmonica

7 Idiophones: Simple, solid instruments that produce sound by being struck, scraped, or shaken. Gongs Cymbals Rattles Xylophones

8 Membranophones: Instruments that produce sound by striking a skin or membrane stretched across a resonating chamber. Conga Drums Timpani

9 Guitar Harp Violin String Bass Chordophones:
Instruments that create sound by striking or plucking a tight string. Guitar Harp Violin String Bass

10 Electrophones: Instruments that generate sound from electricity. Organs Synthesizers Electric Guitar

11 Families of Instruments
Brass: trumpet, trombone, etc. Woodwinds: Clarinet, Flute, etc. Strings: Violin, Cello, etc. Percussion: Snare Drum, Gong, etc.

12 Name the Source Listen to these seven musical excerpts.
Identify all the timbres and the instruments producing the sound you hear. Then classify the instruments according to their appropriate category. All five classification categories are represented.

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