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Instruments of the Orchestra

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1 Instruments of the Orchestra

2 Strings orchestral string instruments have four strings vibration of the strings produces a sound

3 Violin

4 Viola

5 Cello

6 Double Bass

7 Woodwinds all are, or were in the past, made of wood all are basically tubes pierced with holes

8 Flute and Piccolo

9 Clarinet

10 Oboe

11 Bassoon

12 Saxophone

13 Saxophone

14 Brass constructed of metallic loops of tubing in different lengths a mouthpiece at one end and a bell shape at the other

15 Trumpet

16 French Horn

17 Trombone

18 Baritone

19 Tuba

20 Percussion made of naturally resonant materials like skin, metal, wood sound is produced when the instrument is struck

21 Bass Drum

22 Timpani

23 Snare Drum

24 Glockenspiel

25 Chimes

26 Cymbals

27 Marimba

28 Vibraphone

29 Xylophone

30 Credits Photo of cymbals retrieved from
All other photos retrieved from PowerPoint Template retrieved from

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