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Music Appreciation Musical Instruments.

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1 Music Appreciation Musical Instruments

2 Musical Instruments Aim: What are the musical instruments in an orchestra? Do Now: On a sheet of paper, write down the names of as many instruments as you can.

3 What is sound? Sound is vibrations moving through the air.
Pitch is determined by the speed or frequency of those vibrations.

4 String Family Consists of Bowed Stringed Instruments and the harp
Violin – Highest in pitch Viola Cello Bass – Lowest in pitch Harp – plucked


6 Woodwind Family Consisted of blown wind instruments. The instrument sounds through vibrations created within the instrument. Piccolo – No reed, Smaller and higher pitch than a flute Flute – No reed Clarinet – Single Reed Bass Clarinet – Single Reed Oboe – Double Reed English Horn – Double Reed Bassoon –Double Reed Contrabasson

7 Bass Clarinet Piccolo

8 Brass or Brasswind Family
Consisted of blown instruments. The instruments sound through the vibrations created by the lips of the players. Brass instruments are also usually made of brass. Trumpet Trombone Bass Trombone French Horn Tuba


10 Percussion Instruments that are struck, shaken or scrapped.
Any kind of drum (snare drum, tom tom, bass drum, timpani) Triangle Symbols Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel Piano Many many more.



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