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Instrument Families.

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1 Instrument Families

2 Family Categories Strings Woodwinds Brass Percussion

3 strings Cello Bass

4 String Anatomy

5 String Facts All of the string family instruments are made of wood
Their sizes are what makes them sound different Highest to lowest pitched strings Violin Viola Cello Bass Strings are made of gut, steel, or nylon Strings can be bowed with a bow or plucked with the fingers

6 Woodwinds Bassoon Clarinet Saxophone Oboe Flute

7 Woodwind Facts Woodwinds use vibrating air to produce different sounds
All woodwinds except the flute uses a reed to make sound. Aside from wood, woodwinds are also made of bone, ivory, or metal

8 Brass Trumpet French Horn Trombone Tuba

9 Brass Facts Usually made from brass
Sound is produced by “buzzing” into a mouthpiece Brass is made up of really long tubing Brass instruments are loud instruments They are used in military bands, orchestra’s, and bands

10 Percussion

11 Percussion Facts Percussion is a HUGE family
It includes any instrument that can be shaken, scraped, or struck Percussion family includes: Piano Timpani Chimes Cymbals Xylophone Bass Drum Triangle And many more A percussionist may play as many as a dozen instruments at a time in an orchestra

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