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Musical Instruments Grade Ten Music.

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1 Musical Instruments Grade Ten Music

2 The Families… Brass Woodwind String Percussion Electric

3 Brass This family of instruments is part of the AEROPHONES – instruments that require the player to use AIR, sending it through tubes that are a variety of lengths and widths. To make a sound you must ‘buzz’ your lips into a cupped mouthpiece, vibrating the air and sending a sound through the instrument. Includes instruments like: Trumpet Trombone French Horn Tuba

4 Brass Ranges… Trumpet Trombone French Horn Tuba

5 Woodwind This group of instruments is also part of the AEROPHONES.
This family includes: Flute Oboe – double reed Clarinet – single reed Saxophone – single reed Bassoon – double reed To make a sound the player must place the reed/mouthpiece into their mouth. The air they blow into the instrument vibrates the reed which vibrates the air sending a sound through the instrument.

6 Woodwind Ranges… Flute Oboe Clarinet Alto Saxophone Bassoon

7 String String instruments are CHORDOPHONES – instruments that make sound by vibrating a string stretched over two points. Playing this instrument requires plucking or pulling a bow across the string to make it vibrate. When the string vibrates, the air surrounding it vibrates creating the sound that we hear. Members of this family are: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass/String Bass Acoustic guitar

8 String Ranges… Violin Viola Cello Bass

9 Percussion Percussion instruments fall into two categories – IDIOPHONES and MEMBRANOPHONES. These instruments are either shaken, scraped or hit. This family includes instruments like: Snare drum Bass drum Timpani Cymbals Tambourine Piano Vibraphone (vibes) Chimes When playing this instrument when the instrument is struck the drum head or shell of the instrument vibrates, vibrating the air which creates the sound that we hear.

10 Electric This family of instruments are considered ELECTROPHONES – instruments that depend on electricity to make their sound. Instruments in this family include: Electric guitar Electric bass Synthesizer

11 Listening Test Instruments…
Tuba Cymbals Electric guitar Alto sax Oboe Bass drum Tambourine French horn Synthesizer String bass Chimes Cello Acoustic guitar Trumpet Trombone Snare drum Flute Clarinet Timpani Vibraphone Bassoon Violin Piano Electric bass

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