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Forest Hill School Library Writing All depends upon purpose and audience.

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1 Forest Hill School Library Writing All depends upon purpose and audience

2 Forest Hill School Library Voice Exam Essay – formal, third person –E.g. ‘It can be seen… Therefore…’ Creative writing – your choice of voice and style.

3 Forest Hill School Library Audience AS level – explain your terms and use them A2 – assume examiner’s knowledge of terms and go straight to using them in analysis

4 Forest Hill School Library Notes New topic, try sub- dividing the page. Once the main area is filled in, find the time to go back and read through using the smaller column to identify content. This creates a set of notes that can be re-used for different essays and revision. Summarise Flag up Put into one’s own words Topic title Keyword Notes in lesson or from source here…

5 Forest Hill School Library Six Box Plan a little formula to get you started… Look at your notes and decide what should be placed in each box IntroductionPara 1Para 2 Para 3Para 4Conclusion

6 Forest Hill School Library Spidergrams help identify and sequence relevant material

7 Forest Hill School Library Use your own words Important to practice articulating ideas in your own words for use in exams, discussions, interviews… Read about the item in two different sources – what are they telling you? Summarise in your own sentence. Each writer will explain things slightly differently – which one does it best? Take the best parts from each and bring together in your own paragraph.

8 Forest Hill School Library Exam Essay Introduction Paragraph structure: –PEE = Point, Evidence and Explain –A Level: SEXiER = Statement, Evidence, Explain, Extend and Relate to question. Statement and Evidence = Description Explain etc. = Analysis Analysis = marks + higher grade

9 Forest Hill School Library Argument Basic structure = Block your evidence and explanations into two sections for and against the proposal. Advanced structure – Theme –Organise your evidence by topic so that for and against items on the same aspect are interlaced. –Assess importance of each theme in relation to the question.

10 Forest Hill School Library Exam Essay continued Conclusion –Summarise your answer to the question. Do not introduce new material. Bibliography –Referencing is explained in detail in the powerpoint ‘How to reference’ on the library page of the school website.

11 Forest Hill School Library Subjects + Structures Each subject has its own writing structure E.g. Economics = concise, prescribed –Define terms –Evidence with graph/diagram –Evaluation Have you figured out the structure for each of your A level subjects? If not, ask the teacher to discuss this with the class.

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