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What is an Extended Response?

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1 What is an Extended Response?
Extra Lesson

2 LESSON GOALS learn about: Extended Response Questions learn to:
Identify an extended response question Answer an extended response question Create a structure for an extended response answer Create an extended response question

3 Extended Response worksheet
Hand out: Syllabus Extended Response worksheet

4 "being able to write reports and being able to deliver oral presentations upon the subject matter of those reports are skills that are much sought after“ - Baden Eunson -

5 What is an Extended Response
Allows students the opportunity to show how they: Integrate knowledge of the topic and case studies Respond to difficult business questions Write a long response that relates to business concepts and terminology Critically analyse and evaluate major issues concerning businesses

6 What is an Extended Response
Offers 2 questions in the HSC – students choose one Worth 20 marks Based on a stimulus or phrase Has a rubric Has a full question that contains sub-parts Will cover the parts not covered in section III of the assessment

7 Terminology Discuss = Evaluate = Critically Analyse = Synthesise =

8 Create your own Extended Response question

9 Extended Response Writing Style
An Extended Response has similarities to an essay. It has an Introduction, Body, & Conclusion however the writing style may be slightly less formal and more concise. It is more like a Business Report...however if in doubt an essay format is fine. Business reports are written to be: Concise and clear Easy and quick to interpret Useful for accurately assessing situations and making decisions. I.E. Relevant, ‘to the point’ and justified information!

10 Short preview or overview statements
Components of business reports (pt1) Short preview or overview statements Shorter than "traditional essay paragraphs" that "get right to the point“ Lists of main points, as in the previous sample reports, followed by expanded descriptions where appropriate Headings to draw attention to major points or new sections

11 Selective underlining or highlighting where emphasis is required
Components of business reports (pt2) Selective underlining or highlighting where emphasis is required Inclusions where possible of graphs, tables and diagrams Expression and justification of your own point of view Strong but condensed conclusions with recommendations for action where called for.

12 Language of Business Studies
Terminology Language of Business Studies More appropriate term for: “The company needs to always try to be one up on its competitors”? Sustainable competitive advantage Market positioning Situational Analysis E.g. SWOT, Competitor analysis

13 Terminology Terms to consider:
Company, Corporation, Manufacturer, Competitors, Supplier, Multinational, network, retailers Marketing, Brand awareness, promotions, target market identification, Niche market, differentiation Liquidity, solvency, profitability, cash flow, financial management, short/long term investment, capital Buyer, consumer, customer, investors, shareholders

Terminology Key words, what comes to your mind? What’ s the action E.g. “Evaluate”? EXTENDED RESPONSE TOPIC Case Studies Relevant Syllabus dot points

15 Writing the Extended Response
INTRODUCTION Outline the Essay Your line of argument MUST be addressed The content from the Syllabus you will use The case study to support your argument Link it back to the question and stimulus

16 Writing the Extended Response
BODY Becomes your key ideas Do not frame your answers based on the case studies you have. Use your ideas AND THEN support that with your case studies. PEAL Point – Content area Evidence – Case study etc Analysis – relevance to the question Link – Back to the question

17 Writing the Extended Response
BODY Introduce your point – topic sentence Explain and define your content. Show how it is relevant Apply content to case studies (real business world) Evaluate it’s importance in relation to the provided question

18 Writing the Extended Response
CONCLUSION Short evaluation of your argument (Draw upon your essay) Rehash your major points Quickly showcase how this is indicative through your business case studies Wrap it up briefly but make sure you include all your basic information

19 Writing the Extended Response
EVALUATION – post written response Read over your answer What may I have missed? Have I got all the Syllabus points? Have I used the case studies? Have I got the correct terminology? Where could I add extra information

20 Exercise #1 in Report Writing
Write about an A4 page (around 250 words) on either or both of the following. Incorporate a few report format techniques, then seek an opinion from your teacher: Report on a successful business you have dealt with in your community. From what you know about the business, discuss what factors you think may have contributed to the success of the business over the years. Describe how you would explain the term "business" to another senior non Business Studies student who has asked you "What is business?"

21 Exercise #2 in Report Writing
On the next slide is a question requiring you to write an extended response. You are to do the following: Create a plan for how you will answer the extended response question. Your plan needs to outline at least 2 key things: The structure of your response (essay type format) The information you would put in your response, showing the connections between content. (This can be as a mind-map or another format) Write your extended response to the question. It needs to be at least ¾ of an A4 page

22 Exercise #2 in Report Writing
EXTENDED RESPONSE QUESTION: Many businesses believe that their success depends upon having effective managers. “Discuss how the use of effective management skills can contribute to the achievement of business goals.” (Your answer needs to refer to at least 3 different management skills)

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