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Text Response Unit One English.

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1 Text Response Unit One English

2 'Elie survived! Nothing else mattered.' Do you agree?
A statement followed by the question asking if you agree still requires you to mount an argument. Explain the extent to which you agree with the statement and why, drawing on evidence from the text. Remember, you may want to agree or disagree partly with the statement; the best answers are often those which demonstrate recognition of the complexities in a text

3 Step One Decide if you agree/disagree and the level to which you agree/disagree.

4 Step Two: Analyse the Topic
Identify content words. These are the words in the prompt that indicate what you need to discuss in your essay. 'Elie survived! Nothing else mattered.' Do you agree? What are the content words in this prompt?

5 Write plan If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

6 Write your text response
Introduction Introduce text details Include a contention Indicate the line your argument will take

7 Body Paragraphs Use TEEL
T = Topic sentence. The opening sentence sums up the main focus of the paragraph E=Evidence. Specific examples and quotes from the text. E=Explanation. Flesh out the ideas and explain how your evidence supports your argument. L=Link. Create links back to the topic sentence and back to the question itself. The two ‘E’s’ are often intertwined as they work together

8 Conclusion Summarise your central argument clearly and economically.
Link back to topic Don’t add any new ideas

9 Edit & Proofread Read your essay out loud to ensure is makes sense and flows well with good, clear expression. Use present tense throughout your essay. Make sure there are one or two relevant quotes in each essay. Use formal language – no first person “I”. Spell names of characters and places correctly and use capitals for all proper nouns.

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