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Section 15.3: Energy Resources

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1 Section 15.3: Energy Resources
Chapter 15: Energy Section 15.3: Energy Resources

2 Nonrenewable Energy Resources
These types of resources exist in limited amounts. Cannot be replaced in a reasonable amount of time Examples: Oil (fossil fuel) Natural Gas (fossil fuel) Coal (fossil fuel) Uranium

3 Renewable Energy Resource
Resources that can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time Examples: Hydroelectric energy Solar energy Geothermal energy Wind Biomass Nuclear fusion (in the future)

4 Hydroelectric Energy Energy obtained from flowing water Advantages
Potential energy from downward flowing water changes to kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can be connected to electric generators Advantages Low cost to produce Causes no pollution Disadvantages Dams cause environmental concerns. Many of the best places for dams in the U.S. are already being used.

5 Solar Energy Sunlight converted into usable energy
Benefits depend on climate Does not cause pollution If the climate lends itself to cloudier weather, then solar energy is not as practical.

6 Geothermal Energy Thermal energy beneath Earth’s surface
Found in some regions ~ especially ones close to volcanoes Advantage: does not cause pollution Biggest disadvantage: not widely available

7 Other Renewable Resources
Biomass energy: chemical energy stored in living things Can be converted into thermal energy Examples: burning wood using corn stalks to produce fuel for cars Hydrogen fuel cells: generate electricity by reacting hydrogen with oxygen (produces water) Fusion: likely to produce little pollution or radioactive waste

8 Conserving Energy Resources
Energy can be conserved by: reducing energy needs increasing the efficiency of energy use Finding ways to do these two things is energy conservation. Making products more energy efficient can be expensive at first (a problem for manufacturers) but saves money and energy over time.

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