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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

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1 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

2 What is fuel? A fuel is a substance that provides a form of energy
Energy can be in the form of heat, light, electricity, or motion. When fuel is burned it releases energy: this is called combustion.

3 Fossil fuels What is a fossil? What is a fuel?
Fossil fuels are the energy-rich substances formed from the remains of once living organisms. Three fossil fuels Coal Oil (petroleum) Natural Gas

4 Nonrenewable resources
Fossil fuels are non-renewable – they are being used up faster than they are made. Fossil fuels often cause political problems in the world because they are unevenly distributed Quick! What are the three fossil fuels? Coal Oil Natural Gas

5 Alternative Energy Resources
We need to find alternative energy resources so that we do not use up all of our nonrenewable resources

6 Renewable Resources A renewable resource is constantly being supplied.
What are some renewable resources?

7 Solar Energy Solar energy – light and heat energy from the sun
Solar energy is the source of most other renewable energy resources How? Wind – unequal heating of the Earth causes global winds Water – sun heats water for evaporation to start the water cycle

8 Wind Windmills generate large amounts of electric power

9 Flowing Water Hydroelectric power is electricity produced by flowing water Water flows through tunnels and turns turbines connected to a generator. Most widely used alternative energy source Tidal energy - The tide moves a huge amount of water twice each day

10 Biomass fuels Biomass fuels are fuels made from things that were once alive Wood Leaves Food wastes Manure

11 Geothermal Energy Magma heats up water underground
The hot water and steam are valuable sources of geothermal energy

12 Sometimes we can have a resource that is non-renewable, but is still an alternative energy resource.
That means it causes less pollution, but once we use it all it is gone!

13 Nuclear Energy In a nuclear power plant, heat is released from reactions, and turns water to steam The steam turns a turbine to generate electricity

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