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Going where consumers are!

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1 Going where consumers are!

2 2 Brand requirements Online social marketing is today’s need! is the solution for all digital marketing and branding needs! Brands/Media/Corporate/SME/Celebrities need to:  Continue to expand consumer base  Expand market share, retain high share in advertisements  Establish brand, tap into social networking  Create viral, fun, exciting advertising  Market your brand and create the PULL for customer to the website  Align with emerging technologies, digital future

3 3... Confidently ! One stop shop for brand digital marketing and social presence working for brands, large corporate, small medium business, agencies and marketers and celebrities. Enables to publish your content, social media marketing campaign on multiple networks and reach anyone, anywhere and anytime. Gives access to powerful analytics, download the data and define marketing strategies providing quantitative and qualitative brand measure. Understand consumer behavior, analyze, track and plan brand strategies. It also expand market share, retain high Internet advertisement revenue.

4 4 Ecosystem Brand Website 1: Create, Promote Communities 2: Publish Content 4: Statistics and Reporting 7: Consumer Identity 5: Virality 6: What’s Hot? 3: Engage With Fans

5 5 Why ? FeaturesAdvantagesBenefits One click digital marketing & Social Presence on multiple networks Managing time & increasing Effectiveness, Productivity Reaching anyone, anywhere and anytime in one click Powerful AnalyticsQuantitative and qualitative data, all the data at your finger prints Define marketing strategies, plan and focus on geographies Schedule PostsCover all geography locations world wide with easy scheduling Reach masses, world wide Universal engagement with fans/followers Personalized interaction with fans and followers Increased belonging with your brand! White LabelBrand presence, brand mention Personalized posts on Facebook and Twitter PersonalizationAny customization required with your posts is possible Custom, personal feel for the postings and comments

6 6 Few Prestigious Brands Powered by Brand The Times Of Indiahttp://www.facebook.c om/TimesofIndia imesofindia Shine (HT-Media)http://www.facebook.c om/shinedotcom Shinedotcom Ponds (HUL)http://www.facebook.c om/PondsFaceWash PondsFaceWash Dove (HUL)http://www.facebook.c om/doverealcelebrities dovecelebrities

7 7 Current Customers

8 8 Contact Email: Thank You!

9 9 Backup Slides

10 10 Why ? Effective framework for pushing content, building interactivity, cost efficient marketing and brand building Viral – in built social sharing. Right and evolved traffic generation. Acquire, engage and retain consumers. Multi channel - build once, run everywhere. Adaptive - target offers to user responses. Real time - quickly test and optimize.

11 11 How works? Internet 1: Brand Website 2: SMO Expert using GoSocially Framework to publish RSS feeds or update messages, Polls, Events 3: Posts on Social Media 4: Fan followers getting messages, posts 5: Pull traffic from various networks, get profile information

12 12 Publish Publish Rich Media (Content, Photo, Video) to 45+ Networks in one click Publish Manually, schedule posts to reach multiple time zones Setup RSS Feeds and schedule auto publishing

13 13 Engage with consumers Monitor fans, their activities, brand mentions, comments, responses etc. Acknowledge your Top 10 "active" fans by day, week or month Schedule auto welcome response to followers when they join you Create pools, events and rate a product etc.

14 14 Statistics and analytics Monitor number of responses to your content from each network Get aggregated view on your fans, website visits from each network Get Face book and Twitter specific counts on likes, comments, brand mentions etc.

15 15 White Label Service Brand name application on multiple platforms. Tiny URL of your own brand.

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