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Social Media Marketing Plan By D.U.E.S. (Tony, Sara, Shannon, MaryAnn)

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1 Social Media Marketing Plan By D.U.E.S. (Tony, Sara, Shannon, MaryAnn)

2 Social Media Goals 1.Increase followers' usage and recruit new members to draw physical traffic to the library 2.Keep the student body updated on current news, events, etc. 3.Analyze how followers use social media and monitor what they are saying about the library.

3 Existing Online Presence 1.Pinterest- No Presence 2.Twitter  Page is set up  Lack of constant updates and maintenance.  Last post June 16, 2012  6 followers 3.Wordpress Blog  Page is set up and offers news about new online library tools, local events, etc.  Last post February 27, 2013 4.Library Portal  Online library supported by The Art Institute 5.Ai campus guides  Allows to search physical library on the campus  Gives updates to digital tutors  Displays a count of visitors to page

4 Content Types  Informational articles (written by staff)  Expert Articles and links  Photos  Reminders of important school dates (ie. registration)

5 Tracking Tools

6 Focus Channels  Pinterest:  Purpose: To increase recognition with the student body, increase social engagement, establish online social network.  Metrics for Success: pins, re- pins, likes, comments, referrals from other social networks  Twitter:  Purpose: To increase recognition, increase engagement, establish online social network.  Metrics for Success: Followers, tweets  Interactive Ad Campaign  Computer lab wallpapers  Banner on MyAiCampus  Branding in all email communication  E-Blasts about Pinterest, Twitter, and App campaigns/benefits  Interactive Mobile App  Help for specific majors to find a book  Suggestions from previous selections  Reminders of due dates  Links to other social media accounts for optimized user experience

7 Action Plan D.U.E.S.

8 Pinterest Priority #1 Details:  pin new books and other interesting resources to boards  ensure the site is maintained to keep users interest Frequency: ongoing Metric/tracking : page completion/ maintenance Hours/week: 10 How: Pinterest/Google Analytics Create and Maintain an AiPD Library Pinterest Page

9 Pinterest Priority #2 Details:  repin, like and comment on pins Frequency: ongoing Metric/tracking:  how many people are responding,  how they are responding Hours/week: 5 How: Google analytics Community Engagement

10 Action Plan D.U.E.S.

11 Twitter  Details - increase Twitter followers and user interaction by including in all interactive branding techniques- posters, e-banners, email. Goal of 10 followers gained per week.  Frequency- ongoing with 6 month goals  Metrics- followers, tweets, user comments, click-throughs  Hours- 7-10 hours per week depending on active campaign  How- TweetDeck

12 Action Plan D.U.E.S. Interactive Mobile App

13  Mobile App- The mobile library app lets students connect with one another to communicate through their majors and social media.  Majors- All majors will be listed. Students can scroll through majors and select any of the majors. They can also share to Pinterest or Twitter at any time.  Books- Once a major has been selected there will be a list of books with ratings. People can either scroll through the books within that major or simply search for a book by name or ISBN. If a person selects a book they can check the status. See a synopsis’s of what the book is all about. They can leave comments and rate the book accordingly. They may also request for the book and share it to Pinterest or Twitter.

14 Recap  Interactive Ad Campaign


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