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Out To Own Digital Marketing Strategy & Development.

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1 Out To Own Digital Marketing Strategy & Development

2 Social Media – Why Its So Important Become more responsive to target audience Incorporate audience/consumer feedback into your organization more quickly & effectively Make your brand more human to the outside world, and show people the smarts, personality and passion of the people behind your logo Increase awareness of the strength of your current product lineup, and provide perspective/accurate information about your company

3 From Hard to Reach to Available Everywhere To engage with customers, it is no longer enough to have an email address and customer service number on ones website. Today, people want to interact with and engage businesses via their chosen means of communication, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, discussion forums, or a feedback site like Get Satisfaction. If I want to communicate with a company, I tend to look them up on Twitter first. Knowing that I can communicate with a company on the networks upon which I am already most active makes me feel more comfortable doing business with them, because I know that if I have an issue, there is someone at the company I can communicate with through those means.

4 Leaving a Legacy Your social media personality becomes part of your brands legacy What you post stays around for a pretty long time and the information (good and bad) isnt too hard to find Your social media posts offer vast archives of information about you What you share, post or tweet today should reinforce your brand tomorrow Each message you share via social media is an email which has gone public to your entire organization and all of your stakeholders

5 Contests & Discounts Building a community is only the first part of social marketing. Using that community to drive sales, propagate marketing, or crowd source operations is the true power of social media. One way to excite the community is to collectively do something to create a contest or offer an exclusive discount (i.e., the contest can create competition between users). Not only does a contest build buzz organically but if contestants need to, for example, publish an article that gets the most comments in order to win, the contest itself becomes viral. Discounts are also a great way to connect with your community. By giving exclusive coupons to your social community, youre rewarding and reminding them that you are not only a brand to engage with, but also to buy from.

6 Return On Engagement Its all about ROE – return on engagement. Is your social media personality working? A Few ways to quantify engagement: Conversation Tracking tools like Twitter Search Track incoming traffic from links # of people subscribed to RSS feeds # of people in social media groups, fan pages, etc Increased sales & general inquiries Comments on blog posts

7 Social Media Marketing Expert Key responsibilities: Work closely with creative, tech, media and account departments to mastermind social media - and new media - initiatives as part of integrated campaigns. Suggest, plan, execute, develop, implement, manage, measure and report social media marketing strategies (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc.). Develop social media guidelines, content strategies, and best practices.

8 Our Current Products SEO/SEM (Get Found, Increase Traffic) Links/Backlinks Blogging/Posts Creation Article & Video Mass Submissions Custom Content Creation (Articles, Headlines, Emails, Launches) Article Spinning Keyword Research & Optimization Social Media Strategy (Get Found, Promote Legacy) Profile Creation & Management Engagement Daily Monitoring Reputation Management Monthly Evaluation Hot Lead Communication Custom Content Creation (Launches)

9 Pricing

10 Social Media Strategy Profiles – Creation and/or enhancement of a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, MySpace page, Flickr channel, Google Buzz and MANY more. Blogging – Creation of a self-hosted blog with creative interesting Content Daily Monitoring – Well keep track of all communications users have with you through these sites and either respond for you if its chit chat or inform you via email or phone if its a potential hot lead communication. Monthly Training and Evaluation – New sites move up, old sites lose favor. The only thing that is constant in social media is change. Keep up to date with these changes with a monthly review call that discusses whats new and effective in the world of social media. Engagement – Blog posts, video/advertising concepts, related images, Facebook and MySpace updates, along with hundreds of Tweets per month to maintain a level of engagement and keep the profiles and blog fresh. Search Engine Reputation Management – Own Google searches for your blog name. Through advanced social media techniques, well be able to make certain that negative reviews, competitors, and 3rd party sites are not ranking on the first page of Google for your name. Social Media Growth – Take your accounts to the next level with ongoing growth that finds people in your area (potential customers) and engages with them in a way that will get them listening to what youre saying through social media. Ongoing Profile Management – We will manually create and regularly update additional social media profiles monthly to increase your presence. More importantly, well monitor and enhance these profiles to avoid the major flaw in most other services: stagnation. Having a ton of profiles is one thing. Letting them sit there doing nothing is worthless. Exclusivity – We will provide and post related content to your niche, hand picked from our database of cool facts, amazing pictures, quotes and news to engage your followers and maintain your influence.

11 SEO/SEM Strategy Strategy Link Building (Article, Video, Posts Submissions) Social Networking & Bookmarking Sites Indexing Activities Advertising & Internet Directory Campaigns Keyword Optimization Process Keyword Research (Keyword Corral Process) Article &Video Creation with Keyword Loaded Text Article/Video Submissions onto Article/Video Sites Updates & Launches to Social Bookmarking & Networking Sites/Your Site

12 Out To Own Expert: Josh Druck Email: 215 ~ 805 ~ 7810

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