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Parts of a Newspaper.

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1 Parts of a Newspaper

2 Index Front of the newspaper Shows where everything is located
Lists all the parts of the newspaper California Weather The Funnies Saves time

3 Headline The words printed in large type across the top of a
newspaper article to catch the reader’s attention.

4 Dateline The words at the beginning of a news article that
tells when and where the article was written.

5 News Article In a newspaper, a story about an event that has just
taken place.

6 Feature Article In a newspaper, a detailed report on a person, an issue, or an event.

7 Editor One of the people who runs a newspaper.

8 Editorial An article in which the people who run a
newspaper give their opinion on an important issue.

9 Types of Articles 1. News 2. Feature articles 3. Editorials

10 What Articles Need to Include
Who was involved in the story? What happened? When did it occur? Why it happened? How it happened? Where it happened?

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