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College Planning Night for Juniors Washington-Lee Counseling Department Presentation January 23, 2014 1.

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1 College Planning Night for Juniors Washington-Lee Counseling Department Presentation January 23, 2014 1

2 Counseling Department Ms. Jessica Baith, Director of Counseling Ms. Ana Lily Caballero - “F,R” Ms. Elysse Catino -“D, G, L, P” Mr. Frank DeRocco – “C,O,N” Ms. Kristin Devaney Shapiro “T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z” Ms. Laura Hale – “A” Ms. Nina Kuziel – “M, Q” Ms. Heather Mizell - “H,I,J,K” Ms. Meaghan Traverse – “B,E” Ms. Claudia Vasquez -“S” Mr. James Sample, Minority Achievement Coordinator Mr. Eric Hill, College and Career Education Specialist 2

3 Brief Overview Naviance Junior Year Time Line Senior Year Time Line ACT/SAT Application Process Financial Aid 3

4 Upcoming Events Jan. 30 - Scheduling Night for Upperclassman Feb. 3,4 & 5 - Counselors in Classrooms Feb. 6 – Electives Fair Feb. 7 –Registration Deadline for SAT on Mar. 8 Feb. 21 - Course Request Forms Due Mar. 7 –Registration Deadline for ACT on April 12 4

5 Take Home Information This PowerPoint Presentation is available online Handouts o Family Connection o Factors to Consider o Glossary of Terms o College Visitation Verification o Testing Schedule for SAT/ACT o SAT vs. ACT o Brag Sheets o Transcript Deadline Sample Evaluation for this event 5

6 True or False ? 1. The majority of students declare a major going into college. 6 2. Being organized will help keep students, parents, and counselors happy during the application process. 3.SAT/ACT scores are the most important factor to a college admissions selection officer.

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13 Junior Year - Ongoing 13 Resume/ Portfolio Academic and extracurricular awards and recognitions Volunteer, paid work, summer trips Activities, membership in clubs and positions held

14 Junior Year - Ongoing Begin Researching Colleges/Majors Decide on important factors Begin to collect information Continue to maintain good grades and challenge yourself academically 14

15 Junior Year – (February-March) Senior Year Schedule Rigorous Courses AP/IB Courses- potential for college credit Meet with Counselors- to review senior year course selections 15

16 Junior Year – (March-April) Visit Colleges Schedule visits Complete form for college visits (located in counseling office) Tour campus and speak with reps and students Follow up with Thank You letters Keep track of schools of interest and admissions requirements/information from schools Continue to NETWORK 16

17 Junior Year (May-June) Planning Ahead Register for one of several SAT, SAT II, or ACT test dates TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Letters of Recommendation Naviance Test Prep Summer School Registration NCAA Eligibility – 17

18 Summer of Junior Year June-September SAT prep-course if needed Continue with college visits Pursue interests & build your resume Essay Common App 18

19 Senior Year – September-October Time management is key! Organizational demands o Academics o Extracurricular activities o Letters of Recommendation o Registering for SAT’s in October o Narrowing list of Colleges o Scholarships Remember it’s still an important academic year Acknowledge Senior “state of mind” 19

20 NOVA Pathway to the Baccalaureate Counselor 20

21 Senior Year- (September-October) Narrow List of Colleges Reach—Competitive—Pretty Sure Meets your list of important factors o Housing o Tuition o Location o Size Senior Perspective 21

22 Senior Year (September-February) Early Action: An application process which permits students to make application to an institution of preference and receive a decision during the senior year, well in advance of the normal response dates in the spring. The candidate is not committed to enroll at that particular institution. Early Decision: An application process in which a commitment is made by the student to the institution that, if admitted, the student will enroll. Only a student who can make a deliberate and well-reasoned first choice decision should apply under an Early Decision plan because the institution will require a nonrefundable deposit well before May 1. 22

23 Applications Due – Varying Deadlines Student provides to counselor: o Secondary School Report o Transcript Request Form o $4.00 per transcript o * Stamped, addressed envelope (no return address) Classroom visit for Naviance- All seniors Saturday Application Help-All seniors o One Saturday in October, November, December, & January 23 Senior Year (September-February)

24 Senior Year (September- February) Applications – Varying deadlines Letters of Recommendation o Student information sheet o Parent information sheet o Teacher information sheet All Three Required 24

25 January-June of Sr. Year FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Mid-year reports Rescinding Offers… 25

26 May-June of Sr. Year AP/IB Exam period (May) When accepted visit again to make your final choice!!! Senior Experience– SUCCESS! Final School report to college GRADUATION! 26

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