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Putnam Valley High School Course Selection Process February 7, 2011.

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1 Putnam Valley High School Course Selection Process February 7, 2011

2 Welcome Parents! Purpose of Meeting –Introduce the 2011 – 2012 Course Selection Guide –Criteria for Honors & Advanced Placement courses –Tech Center –Review Graduation Requirements –Extra Curricular Opportunities –Discuss the Course Selection Process

3 Welcome Parents Introduction of Guidance Staff: –Mr. David Campion –Mrs. Paige Davino –Mrs. Laura Kilduff

4 2011 – 12 Course Selection Guide New Course Offerings: –Critical Thinking in Literacy and Mathematics –Media Production Honors & Advanced Placement Courses: –Art: AP Design Portfolio –English: AP Language & Composition, AP Literature –Math: AP Calculus, AP Statistics –Music: AP Music Theory –Science: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental AP Physics –Social Studies: AP American History, AP Government & Politics, AP Macro Economics, AP Psychology, AP World History –Spanish: AP Language

5 Recommended Guidelines for Enrollment in Honors & AP Courses Complete the necessary course prerequisites. Achieve the minimum required score on the Honors / AP Course Matrix. –Performance in subject area from previous years. –Performance in subject area from current year. –Current year’s teacher assessment of student. –Performance on Standardized Test (8 th grade) –Performance on Final Exam/Regents (9 th – 11 th grade) Provide a student appeal process to address special circumstances and individual needs.

6 2011 – 12 Course Catalog College Level Courses –Statistics –Calculus* –Music Theory* –Biology* –Computer Systems & Applications * Advanced Placement Course

7 Tech Center Program 11 th & 12 th Grade Students Online Tour of the Tech Center: –

8 Graduation Requirements English 4 Credits Social Studies 4 Credits Math 3 Credits Science 3 Credits Foreign Language 1 Credit Phys. Ed. 2 Credits Health ½ Credit Arts 1 Credit Electives 3 ½ Credits Total 22 Credits

9 Graduation Requirements Regents Diploma: –22 Credits –Pass 5 Regents (1 Math, 1 Science, 2 Social Studies, and 1 English) with a score of 65% or higher. Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation: –9 Regents (Basic 5 plus Foreign Language, and 1 additional Science Regents and 2 additional Math Regents Community Service Requirement: –40 approved hours (30 hours for current 11 th grade)

10 Opportunities to Learn High School is a journey, not a destination –Goal is to graduate in 4 years and continue the learning journey to college, work, technical school, military & beyond After School Extra Help Sessions –Teachers are available to assist students during 10 th period –Homework Club & Academic Eligibility –Freshmen After-School Writing Center (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Peer tutoring by upper classmen

11 Extracurricular Activities Sports – 21 Varsity Sports are offered –Boys and Girls Teams –Varsity & Junior Varsity Levels Clubs – 21 Clubs are offered –Meet after-school

12 Course Selection Process Parent Meeting Course Catalogs distributed to students Counselors meet with individual students to review status and select courses Students receive a copy of their course requests Student schedules mailed in the summer

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