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Welcome Class of 2018 to Ellington High School!

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1 Welcome Class of 2018 to Ellington High School!
Eighth Grade Orientation Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 Who will my school counselor be?
If your last name starts with… …A-B, you will have Mrs. Markowski …C-H, you will have Mrs. O’Brien …I-Pa, you will have Mrs. Howarth …Pe-Z, you will have Mrs. Moeller

3 What will my school day be like?
We have four 6 block days (57 minutes) We have two 4 block days (85 minutes) 15 minute break We schedule for 8 blocks 5 minutes of passing time School starts at 7:15 and ends at 1:55 No Activity Period We listen to the announcements at the end of the third block of the morning

4 How many credits do I need?
22 credits are needed to graduate: English – 4 credits Math – 3 credits Social studies – 3 credits (including US History and Civics) Science – 3 credits (including Biology) Art/Music/Vocational Ed – 1 credit

5 EHS Graduation vs. College Admission
Credits continued… Health – .5 credit Computer Apps – .5 credit PE – 1 credit World Languages - .5 credit ***CAPT & Portfolio graduation requirement EHS Graduation vs. College Admission Along with EHS’s 22 credits some colleges may have other admission requirements.

6 In order to be a… …Sophomore you need to earn 5.5 credits
…Junior you need to earn 10.5 credits …Senior you need to earn 16 credits …To be a graduate need to earn 22 credits

7 Typical schedule (7 credits):
A Block: English B Block: Math C Block: Science D Block: Social Studies E Block: PE/Health F Block: Spanish/French/Latin G Block: Elective (you can choose) H Block: Study Hall

8 Transcripts All courses listed Quarter grades and final grades
Attendance Class Rank Grade Point Average (GPA) We keep transcripts for 50 years!!

9 Sample Course Selection Sheet & Electives
Select elective courses based: on your interests on future plans on looking to explore new interests on challenging yourself

10 What are study halls for?
Study halls give you the opportunity to: do research in the library work in one of the writing center computer labs get extra help do your homework peer tutoring

11 What level classes will I be in?
Your eighth grade teachers will decide which level is best for you.

12 Summer Reading / Work Summer reading – possible school wide read
Summer work for some classes A test maybe giving during the first week of school on the summer work/reading

13 How do I get my schedule done for next year?
EHS school counselors will be coming to the middle school on Thursday, March 27th Review the Program of Studies before scheduling your classes. Program of Studies is also found on our web site.

14 What should I keep in mind for next year?
GET INVOLVED! Joining sports and after school activities will help you transition from middle to high school, and also give you the opportunity to meet upperclassmen as well as work on time management skills There will be a FRESHMEN ORIENTATION on one of the last days in August, this will give you the opportunity to tour the high school building (again), check class schedules, find your locker and get the handbook Check out National Honor Society requirements

15 Academic Eligibility All ninth grade students are eligible for fall extracurricular activities. Beyond the transition phase for freshman, all students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities must meet each of the following academic requirements: Be enrolled in at least five (5) units of work during each marking period. Have a passing previous quarter grade in at least five (5) units of work including all required courses. Have no more than one (1) F, regardless of the number of courses taken.

16 Will I like high school? 99% of the freshmen said that they liked the change from middle to high school High school gives you an opportunity to be more independent and gives you more responsibility You will get out of high school what you put into it! Always do your best!

17 TOUR TIME Class of 2018 Ellington High School
Eighth Grade Orientation Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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