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The Program of Studies is available on the AHS guidance webpage:

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2 The Program of Studies is available on the AHS guidance webpage:

3  New this year-students will enter course requests on PowerSchool from home! Open enrollment window will be January 13-19.  Pre-Enrollment forms are due in guidance office by January 20.  January-March: Students will meet with their counselors to finalize course requests.  April 24 th : Deadline for making any changes to course requests.

4  47 credits are required for graduation  All students must pass the End-of-Course Assessment (ECA) in Algebra I and English 10 to receive a high school diploma.  Core 40 is the minimum diploma for graduation.

5  Same credit requirements as Core 40 plus: › 2 additional math credits beyond Algebra II › 6-8 credits of world language › 2 fine arts credits  Semester grades of “C-” or higher  Cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher  Must complete at least ONE of the following: › Earn 4 credits of AP coursework and take corresponding AP exams › Earn 6 verifiable transcripted college credits in dual-credit coursework from Approved Dual Credit List › Satisfy a combination of the above two options › Earn a composite score of at least 26 on the ACT Plus Writing › Earn a combined score of at least 1750 on the SAT Critical Reading, Math and Writing sections (530 on each section)

6  Same credit requirements as Core 40  Semester grades of “C-” or higher  Cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher  Complete 6 credits in a college and career pathway and one of the following: › Earn a State approved industry recognized certification or credential › Earn pathway dual-credits from the Approved Dual Credit List resulting in 6 transcripted college credits  Must complete one of the following: › A) Complete any one of the options required for the Core 40 w/AHD › B) Score at or above the following levels on WorkKeys:  Reading for Information-Level 6, Applied Math-Level 6, Locating Information-Level 5 › C) Score at or above the following on Accuplacer:  Writing-80, Reading-90, Math-75 › D) Score at or above the following on Compass:  Algebra-66, Writing-70, Reading-80

7  8 credits of English  6 credits of Math (during grades 9-12) › Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II › Must take a math or quantitative reasoning course during each year of high school  6 credits of Science  6 credits of Social Studies  2 credits of Physical Education  1 credit of Health  1 credit of Preparing for College & Careers  17 credits of electives › World Languages, Fine Arts, Career/Technical courses


9 www.collegeboard. org/quickstart

10  Pass your Algebra I and English 10 End-of-Course Assessments  Take challenging courses during your junior year  Attend local and national college fairs › Hendricks County College & Career Fair on February 26 th  Research colleges and universities of interest › Utilize “SuperMatch” on Naviance and “My College QuickStart” on CollegeBoard  Participate in extra-curricular activities and update your resumé in Naviance

11  Repeating a Course › Must repeat failed courses required for graduation › May repeat courses where grades of “D+” and lower were received › Courses counting towards Academic Honors or Technical Honors Diploma must have a grade of C- or higher. › Courses may be repeated in the summer with Indiana Online Academy

12 › Ivy Tech and Vincennes University Dual-Credit Courses  Students receive high school credit for required courses (US History) as well as college credit (VU American History)  Must meet a certain ACCUPLACER score or PSAT/SAT/ACT score to receive credit  The Accuplacer will be given in March to students  Informational sheets, including practice websites, test dates & locations, will be given to students during an SRT meeting prior to testing › Advanced Placement (AP) Courses  Students are expected to take an AP course for the entire school year-courses may not be dropped mid- year  Students can earn college credit based on their scores from AP exams taken in May

13 › Choose your courses carefully! › Schedule Review Request Form must be submitted within first 6 days of the semester › Schedule changes are limited, and subject to the following guidelines:  Can drop a course for a study hall (if not already scheduled)  Can add a course to replace a study hall  Cannot switch elective for elective  Cannot drop an academic course/elective for a non-academic course/elective  Teacher requests will not be honored

14 › Must earn “C-” or higher for course to be weighted › Courses taken outside the school year, for example in summer or online, will not be weighted. LEVELI (0.1 Factor)II (0.2 Factor)III (0.3 Factor) Math Ace Geometry Geometry Hon Algebra II Hon Pre-Calc/Trig Hon Trigonometry Ace Pre-Calc/Trig VU Math 102 Pre-Calc/Trig VU Math 104 College Algebra II Ace VU Math 118 Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry AP Calculus A/B Ace AP Calculus B/C Ace AP Calculus A/B AP Statistics Science Biology I HonChemistry I Hon Physics I Hon Anatomy & Physiology Hon AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics AP Environmental Science English English 9 HonEnglish 10 Hon English 101 VU Literature 100 VU AP Language & Composition AP Literature & Composition Social Studies Geography and History of the World Hon VU American History 139/140AP US History AP Government AP Economics AP Psychology AP World History AP European History World Language French III & German III Japanese IV & Spanish IV Any AP Language Business AP Computer Science Fine Arts AP Music Theory AP Art History AP Studio Art

15  These are career-technical programs offered at Area 31Career Center located at Ben Davis High School; that provide hands-on learning and job-specific training in multiple career areas  Area 31 students split their school day between academic classes taken at AHS and career classes taken at the Career Center  Most programs satisfy Core 40 w/Technical Honors Diploma Requirements  Many programs are two-years in length and can result in up to 12 credits  An application is required for enrollment into these programs, including a strong attendance record and competitive grades › Application is due in the guidance office by February 20  There will be an Area 31 Open House on January 27 th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Ben Davis Career Center › Brochures and pamphlets are available in the guidance office

16  Physics II – new  Forensic Entomology – changing to Adv Sci: Forensic Science  Lifetime Activities – cancelled  AP European History – reinstated  Intro to Culinary Arts – reinstated

17  AREA 31 CAREER PROGRAMS  ENGLISH › Newspaper › Yearbook  FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE › Early Childhood Education Internship  PE/HEALTH › Lifeguard II  RESOURCE › Peer Tutoring

18 Be mindful of the following when selecting your junior year courses:  Only one study hall is allowed per year; Two study halls may be requested with 3 or more AP/dual credit courses.  Retake any required courses that you have yet to pass or need to repeat for a higher grade.  Many courses have prerequisites, including application requirements and PSAT/SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER score requirements. Make sure you have met or will meet the appropriate prerequisites for your selected courses.  Indicate at least 2 alternate courses!  Make sure you are requesting the correct number of courses to total 12-14 credits.


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