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The audio will be turned on just before our start time at 7:00 pm ET.

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1 Welcome to the first seminar for IT117 Introduction to Website Development!
The audio will be turned on just before our start time at 7:00 pm ET. Be certain that you have your speakers on and your volume turned up. If you can’t hear after the seminar begins, please contact Tech Support. I’m sorry but I cannot help you with your computer settings. Optional - you might want to have a printed copy of the syllabus handy.

2 Seminar Common Sense: To keep seminars organized & make the most of our time, please use the following procedures: Precede any question with“??” or “Q?” to make it easy to spot. If your question isn't relevant or will be answered later in the seminar, I may not answer it right away. You will always have a chance to ask again at the end of the hour. Please stop any side conversations once seminar “officially” begins. Use Private Messaging to interact with individual students.

3 Seminar Common Sense (cont.)
If you arrive late or must leave early, please don't disrupt the seminar with explanations. Feel free to me later if you need to. Don’t waste seminar time with comments such as “I don’t know” or “I haven’t done the reading yet” or “I don’t remember” -- seminar is for showing what you know, not what you don’t know! Seminar isn’t the place to share info about illnesses, family tragedies, etc.

4 Navigating the Course

5 Course Materials Software:
Notepad (or TextEdit on a Mac) – comes with operating system Internet Explorer Web Browser FireFox Web Browser FTP software is optional (not needed) Textbook: Site Development Foundations by CIW Kaplan web server account

6 Grading 3 weekly grades for each unit, units 1 – 9:
(Unit 1 seminar is not graded) Discussion grade – up to 30 points Project grade – up to 50 points Flexible Learning Activity grade – quiz or seminar grade, or higher of the two – up to 20 points Final Project: up to 110 points

7 Grading (cont.) Late projects: 1-2 days late = - 3 points (5%)
3-6 days = - 5 points (10%) 7-14 days = - 10 points not accepted after 2 weeks without prior permission from instructor All projects will be returned with comments. All corrections indicated must be made before the page is submitted again as part of another project.

8 Discussion Postings – require: correct spelling, grammar, punctuation; Internet research.
Response to discussion question: words Adds to discussion, non-repetitive Posted by Saturday midnight ET Responses to classmates: words At least 2 required, usually need 3 or more to earn an A Frequency: Postings on 3+ different days to earn an A

9 Seminars Not intended for: Personal issues
Individual problems with projects Focus on material in the current unit Purpose: to show and to share what you know about the topic (do reading in advance) Instructor Questions: Everyone should answer Answer thoroughly, with more than a word or brief phrase

10 Unit 1 Navigation

11 Unit 1 Navigation (cont.)

12 Unit 1 Reading

13 Projects Each weekly project web page is part of the Final Project
For help with a project, your code to the instructor (you may also post on the discussion board for help from classmates) All web pages must be uploaded to your Kaplan web server account Projects are submitted for grading by typing the URL (the web address) of your page in the unit dropbox, not by attaching files

14 Unit 1 Project Create a folder anywhere on your computer to hold all of your files for IT117. Folder names should contain only letters, numerals, and underscores, no spaces or symbols. For example: “my_web_files” but not “my web files”

15 Download the index.html file from Doc Sharing and save it on your computer.

16 Then open the file in Notepad.
This is how the code will look.

17 Next you will personalize the code:

18 Then save the file in Notepad:

19 Open either IE or Firefox and open the file
Open either IE or Firefox and open the file. The page should look like this:

20 Once you receive your Kaplan web server information via , you will go to

21 You will have your own personal folder; with sub-folders for each current web design class you are currently taking. It is important to use the proper folders for each class.

22 To upload files: Click your course folder on the left to make it active Click on the Upload Files icon or on Download/Upload Browse for your file

23 After you browse for your file, click on "Upload".
In units where you need to upload more than one file, click on "Upload Multiple Files Using Flash"

24 You'll see this dialog box and will be able to upload more than one file at a time.

25 Click on the folder on the left to see its contents on the right
Click on the folder on the left to see its contents on the right. After you have uploaded your index.html file, you should see:

26 Viewing Your Website after Uploading
When you enter the URL of your website (included in the setup ) in the address bar of a browser, index.html will display by default. See my example at If you view your file by clicking "View" in the file manager, the page may not display correctly and the URL in the address bar will not be the correct URL to submit. It will look like this: and will not work when I try to view your page for grading.

27 Submitting Your Projects
To submit your project for grading, type the URL in the comments area of the dropbox for Unit 1. You do not need to attach the index.html file. The correct URL will look like this: but with your username instead of mine and possibly a different section number

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