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IT 117 - Introduction to Website Development Welcome!

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1 IT 117 - Introduction to Website Development Welcome!

2 Welcome to Unit 9! GUI Editors and Accessibility Guidelines and Research This week’s reading: Review lesson 10.

3 Introduction You can create Web pages using a graphical user interface (GUI) HTML editor; also called a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. These editors allow Web authors to create Web pages without typing the requisite HTML code. Textbook Reading Summary: The lesson is about using and evaluating GUI HTML editors, accessibility guidelines, and validating HTML code.

4 To-Do-List Review Key Terms On the Reading page Read Assigned Text On the Reading page Respond to the Discussion Board 30 Points Case Study: The Best GUI Editor Complete the unit project and upload to assignment dropbox for grading 50 Points On the Assignment page Attend the Weekly Seminar or complete the FLA quiz 20 Points Log in from Student's Home page

5 Readings Overview There are two types of GUI editors: Page editors Site management editors Both are WYSIWYG programs. GUI page editors allow you to create a Web page using your mouse and a toolbar. Functionality is usually limited to creating individual Web pages.

6 Readings Overview GUI Web site management editors provide both Web page creation and site management functionality. They allow teams of designers and developers to work in an integrated environment to design, build, and manage Web site and Internet applications. In addition to creating Web pages, team members can manage the entire Web site with this type of application, both during and after development. Site management includes task automation and workflow integration with other programs in a production environment.

7 Seminar Overview This week’s Seminar session is about Lists and CSS. We will discuss the various options and when it is appropriate to use CSS.

8 HTML Review Lists HTML lists are one of the most useful tools for organizing the text on your page. This Page website also contains an excellent explanation of HTML lists. Follow the directions below to read the article entitled “Using HTML Lists.” Go to Read the article title “Using HTML Lists.”

9 Project 9 Outcomes addressed in this activity: Unit Outcomes : Describe basic concepts of web development Apply a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation Course Outcome: GEL 6.2: Apply a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation

10 Project Project Instructions: Write a research paper on any topic related to Website design. Choose a topic that was addressed in this unit or anywhere in this course and write a 2-3 page paper. Download the APA template from Doc Sharing as you must follow proper APA formatting. Your paper will need to fulfill all requirements listed below.

11 Project Requirements: 1. State a research question for your topic. Your research needs to answer that question. Example: Do Web forms add value to a business Website? 2. Conduct Internet research on your topic and cite your sources 3. Make sure your paper includes the following:  Relevant terms are used throughout the paper  APA formatting  2-3 pages (not including the cover page), double-spaced  References cited properly

12 Project Some ideas: possible topic choices for Unit 9 paper: What Do Cascading Style Sheets do for Websites? Appropriate Site Navigation Choices Why is it important to use cascading style sheets? Cascading Style Sheets: Are they worth it? Why are graphical elements important in a Web Page? What is the difference between HTML and XHTML How are Web pages accessibly to the disabled and elderly? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using GUI HTML Editors The Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets in Search Engine Optimization Standards: Why are they important to Web Design?

13 Project 4 - Grading Rubrics 1. Relevant terms related to Website design activities are used throughout the paper. : 0-10; 2. The research question for the chosen topic was sufficiently answered with thoughtful insight and analysis. : 0-10; 3. APA formatting is applied to the paper and paper is free of spelling and grammar errors. : 0-10; 4. 2-3 pages (not including the cover page), double-spaced. : 0-10; 5. References formatted and cited properly. : 0-10.

14 Project 10 – Final! Outcomes addressed in this activity: Unit Outcomes: Build a home page and link to all previously created pages and enhance the look and feel. Course outcomes addressed in this unit IT117-1: Examine Internet and World Wide Web technologies. IT117-2: Create web sites using web page building blocks. IT117-3: Develop navigation systems for web sites. Post the URL to your Website in the comments section of the Unit 10/Final Project Dropbox (Please use the template provided!).

15 Project 10 – Final! Project Instructions: For your Final Project, you will create and publish a website on the Internet. You must have a minimum of five pages in your Web site. The required pages are:  Home Page (index.html): Begin in Unit 1 and continue to modify throughout the term as you learn more about HTML and Web design.  Personal Biography Page (bio.htm): Created in Unit 3  Career page about your future aspirations (career.htm): Created in Unit 4  Contact Us (contact.htm): created in Unit 7.  Links page (links.htm): Created in Unit 7

16 Project 10 – Final! In addition, you will need to demonstrate your ability to employ: A CSS formatted global navigation bar on each page Headings on all pages Images on the biography and home pages Tables on the career page Contact information on the contact page Ordered List(s) on the career page Unordered List(s) on the career page External Links on the links page External CSS must be applied to all pages The website must be fully uploaded to the Internet

17 Project 10 – Rubrics 1. Your Website consists of five pages (index.html, bio.htm, career.htm, links.htm, contact.htm) : 0-10; 2. Heading tags are correctly applied on each of the five pages in your Website. : 0-10; 3. There is a correctly coded image on bio.htm and the alt tag was applied. : 0-10; 4. There is a correctly coded image on index.html and the alt tag was applied. : 0-10; 5. A table is correctly coded on career.htm : 0-10; 6. Ordered List(s) are correctly coded on career.htm : 0-10; 7. Unordered List(s) are correctly coded on career.htm : 0- 10;

18 Project 10 – Rubrics 8. At least five functioning external Links are present : 0-10; links.htm and each opens in a new window due to proper use of the _blank attribute : 0-10; 9. External CSS is correctly applied to each of the five pages in your Website. : 0-10; 10. A global CSS formatted navigation bar exists on each page and all links work successfully : 0-10; 11. The website has been uploaded to the Internet and is viewable via the URL submitted to the unit 10 dropbox. : 0-10. Total: 0-110 points

19 Thank you! Feel free to contact me with any questions! Use the Virtual Office to post questions throughout the week, as well as to upload your zipped folder if you need me to look at the code!

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