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5280 Solutions C O R P O R A T E O V E R V I E W.

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1 5280 Solutions C O R P O R A T E O V E R V I E W

2 5280 Solutions’ History Technology Services organization Privately Owned, 1978 IT Division of Nelnet until 2001 American and Canadian Client Base 80+ Technology Professionals Imaging/DM Experience since 1995

3 Lines of Business Document Management Industry leader providing expertise in designing, integrating, implementing and supporting the complete integrated solutions. 5280 Solutions has proven track record of demonstrated success in effectively managing the implementation of diverse enterprise solutions: Document Management Document Imaging Electronic Forms COLD / ERM Workflow Records Management Portals

4 Other Lines of Business Student Loan Services Enterprise class mission critical application for: Loan Servicing - STAR Loan Disbursement – ELM NDN Loan Origination Guarantee Servicing Data Warehousing - Infocentre Technical Services Providing additional technical and project management resources to address increased or temporary IT demands. Custom software development

5 DM Strategic Partners Document Management Document Imaging Records Management Capture Technologies ERM/COLD Application Connectivity Workflow Enterprise Portals Electronic Forms Knowledge Management Archival/Retention Electronic Signatures Engineering Drawings, Viewing, & Mark-ups

6 5280 Recognition Awards: “Excellence in Innovation” 2002, “Outstanding Teamwork” 2003 and “Outstanding Innovation” 2004 Hummingbird Summit “Best Solutions Award” at GTEC Government Show 2003 “Kofax Ascent Premier” 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. Optika Silver Partner, 2000.

7 5280 Public and Government Clients Texas A & M University Southwest Missouri State University Department of Transportation Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

8 What is a document? Scanned images of paper documents Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations… Pointers to paper documents Electronic Forms via the Internet Computer generated reports & letter Multimedia files (audio, video, pictures) E-mail messages

9 Document Imaging  Management & Control of Static Documents  Capture  Annotate  View Examples:  Application (FA, Scholarship,…)  Proof of Income  Timesheets

10  Document Preparation  Scanning  Indexing  Recognition  OCR  ICR  Barcode  OMR  Quality Assurance Capture Process Conversion of paper to electronic form

11 Document Management  Management & Control of dynamic, living, Electronic Documents  Integrated with desktop applications  Check-in, check-out, version control  Search by content  Document history  Update Examples:  Correspondence  Notes  Contracts/Agreements

12 Why?  To retain and utilize knowledge capital Up to 80% of organization’s knowledge is in document format – Gartner Group  Quickly search and find documents and information  Apply automated security and audit access to information  Share documents and information regardless of geographical location  Automate document retention policies and minimize liability  Save valuable space  Provides the foundation for process automation

13 World of the Web  Instant access  Streamlined communications  Distributed processes/processing  Process automation  Self-service

14 Quick Demonstration of Basic Searching

15 Benefits  Storage and retrieval  Enable process improvement  Ensure consistency in processes, retention and security  Saves space  Provide automation

16 Enabling Process Automation  Verification Process  Provides a holding area  Can trigger the verification process once all docs are received  Automatically extract information for comparison  Automatically identify inconsistencies  Provide automated notification

17 Own versus Rent Owning  Significant initial investment (financial and IT)  Substantial ongoing investment  Complete control Hosted  Minimal initial investment  Small monthly/annual fee  Limited control  Same features and functions as owning

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