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`. Agenda About ROH What is OCULUS Why Document Management OCULUS Demo.

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5 Agenda About ROH What is OCULUS Why Document Management OCULUS Demo

6 What is ROH ? Founded in 1971 Employee Owned Pioneer in Regional Mainframe Computer Timesharing 12 Years Document Management System Experience IW2 Contract Florida State Contract California State Contract GSA Schedule

7 Who are our DMS customers ?  Florida DEP - Finance and Accounting - Contracts - Personnel - Purchasing - Hazardous Waste - Hazardous Waste Cleanup - Waste Cleanup - Solid Waste - Bureau of Petroleum Storage - Office of the General Council Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice - Finance and Accounting - Background Screening  Florida Department of Revenue - Finance and Accounting  Florida Department of Education - Student Loans  Johns Hopkins University - Office of the President - Benefits Administration - Financial Administration - Facilities Administration - Information Systems - Business Office - Research Administration - Professional Education - Dept. of Epidemiology - Dept. of Nutrition - Human Resources Notable Federal, State and Local clients:

8 Over 50 current international customers: Sydney London Where are our customers ?

9 Why Document Management Document File and Retrieval $20.00 Misfiled Document $120.00 – 3% – 5% of documents are misfiled Lost Document$250-$750 – 7.5% of documents get lost File and retrieval including staff time for a three drawer file cabinet $2,500/year 40% - 60% of staffs times is spent handling documents A document is copied an average of 19 times during its lifecycle Information based on studies performed by the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM)

10 Why document Management Determining Document Volumes by Department  Standard File Cabinet =  * Avg. 27 inches deep @ avg. 75-125 pages / inch  Lateral File Cabinet =  * Avg. 42 inches wide @ avg. 75-125 pages / inch  More folders = fewer images  Account for folder space  Account for double sided documents

11 Critical Success Factors Rapid deployment Ease of use Open architecture Rapid ROI Qualified Partner Integrated Document and File management Training


13 “oculus” 1: An architectural feature developed by ancient Greeks. An opening in the top of a structure built to provide illumination. Interior view of the PANTHEON Rome 2: Revolutionary software that combines the proven benefits of document imaging and document management with the power of the Internet.

14 What is OCULUS Integrated software technologies that manage the lifecycle of documents. Capture Index Store Search Route Archive Edit View Paper Storage

15 What is OCULUS Comprehensive Library that allows different document objects to be managed similarly. Capture Index Store Search Route Archive Edit View Paper Storage

16 What is OCULUS Secure Repository that protects documents from network and environmental change. Capture Index Paper Storage Search Route Archive Edit View Planned Access Unauthorized Store

17 Intranet Internet Network PC Files Scanned Images – Respository

18 Key Features Universal Web Browser Client – Runs In Internet Explorer or Netscape Advanced Search Capabilities – Multi-Catalog / Multi-Profile Searching – Freetext / Boolean / Range Searching – Search and Results Screens Adjust Dynamically to Search Parameters Fast and Accurate Document Indexing – Field Validation / Field Masking – External Database Lookups

19 Key Features Complete Document Imaging Support – ISIS / TWAIN Compliant – Annotations / Markup / Redaction – Optical Character Recognition Comprehensive Document Management Support – Insert From File (any object type) – View / Print / Fax / E-mail – Check-In / Check-Out – Edit / Version Control – Audit Trail Tracking – Supplemental Indexing – User- Group- Document-Level Security

20 Key Features Workflow Records Management Integrate OCULUS with other Best of Breed EEDMS – Production Scanning Systems (Kofax Ascent Capture) – Forms Management (Formatta) Integrate OCULUS with Business Applications – Mainframe Applications (terminal emulation clients) – Database Applications – Web Portal or “Web Overlay” Applications

21 Key Features Flexible Network Support – JAVA Server Components – Central Administration Tools (access from anywhere) Open System Architecture – ODBC Compliant, J2EE Compliant – Application Programming Interface (VB & JAVA) – Responds to URL Calls from External Applications

22 OCULUS Demo Sounds good ? –….Let’s See It!!

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