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Libraries and Institutional Content Management Systems

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1 Libraries and Institutional Content Management Systems
Computers in Libraries 2005 Session C302 Libraries and Institutional Content Management Systems Carol Knoblauch, Product Manager, Open Text, Inc. 18 March 2005 Copyright © Open Text Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Abstract Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a comprehensive set of principles, processes and tools applied to controlling the lifecycle of an information resource from creation, approval, publication, and maintenance, to archiving and destruction. ECM is an integrated platform that consolidates content related activities like search, document management, and Web content management with collaboration activities like Web meetings, , and Communities of Practice. In 2004, KMWorld Magazine announced that “the checkbook is open for ECM”. In addition to the usual motivators for investing in technology, addressing information overload and increasing productivity, the biggest impact on the ECM market comes from the growing demands of regulatory compliance. As organizations adopt systems to support compliance initiatives and connect various content, collaboration and process-centric programs, the integrated ECM system will be the destination of choice for most employees. Information Professionals should join them. There are many roles for Information Professionals in ECM: as a user advocate to articulate information needs and requirements; as a content advocate to apply search and categorization to add value to authenticated content; and as a moderator and knowledge broker in an online community.

3 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Elements of ECM
Topics Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Elements of ECM Search Document Management Collaboration Business Process Management Document Lifecycle Management Web Content Management Portal Technology Differentiating Content – Roles for Information Professionals

4 Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Collaboration + Content + Process = ECM

5 Working with Information
Rich Content Images Documents Forms Structured Data Structured Tasks | Collaborative Workflow | Flexible Collaboration

6 ERP vs. ECM – Very Different
Structured Data ERP - Database Unstructured Data ECM - Word Index

7 Market Consolidates from Point Solutions
Rich Content Document Management IM Imaging Workflow Groupware Knowledge Management Search Web Content Management BPM Online Meetings Web Conferencing Content Archiving Portal Classification DAM Projects Records Management Images Documents Forms Structured Data Structured Tasks | Collaborative Workflow | Flexible Collaboration

8 ECM Becomes Essential Business Challenge: Compliance
Market Size: $19B Source: Ovum Business Challenge: Cost Savings (application consolidation) Compliance (control all content) Compliance DMS 1985 WCM 1995 ECM 2001 ECM Killer App 2003 Broad Market Awareness 2005 2007

9 Advanced Search Options
Enterprise Search Advanced Search Options Boolean, stemming Proximity, adjacency Linguistic & semantic analysis Natural language processing Categorization, classification, taxonomy, thesaurus Result Set Options Sort and relevance ranking Hit-highlighting and navigation Intelligent summarization Entity extraction Analysis and visualization Guided navigation

10 Document Management (DM)
Tools to control document creation, review, authorization, publication and storage Electronic Document Management Security (repository vs shared drives) Workflow for review and approval Version control and audit trails Linking documents Production Business Document Management Image management and archiving Workflow for sharing and tracking Metadata definition and identification Optical character recognition (OCR)

11 Collaboration

12 Knowledge Management (KM)

13 Business Process Management (BPM)
Content Content Content

14 Document Lifecycle Management (DLM)

15 Web Content Management
I want to quickly setup a site and I want to reuse content from my DMS. I don‘t want to learn new tools and it better be easy to use! I need to communicate internally and externally to all sorts of different constituents. Its driving me mad!!! I want a productivity tool and I don‘t want to program. Project Mgr Authors Webmaster Web Content Business Owner Graphic Designer I need full control over Corporate Identity and design I want a solution which works seamlessly with my development environment Marketing Mgr Application Developer The WCM system must fit into my overall technology and ECM vision IT Manager Business Driven Technically Driven

16 Enterprise Portals

17 Multimedia – voice and video Digital asset management
More ECM Technologies Multimedia – voice and video Digital asset management Digital rights management Unified communications E-learning Skills management Expertise location Integrated document archiving and retrieval Customer relationship management (CRM)

18 Finding Opportunities
Organize Select Access Preserve

19 Be a User Advocate

20 Be a Content Advocate

21 Build a Community

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