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Distributed Capture within a Microsoft Environment.

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1 Distributed Capture within a Microsoft Environment

2 eCopy & Microsoft For professionals tasked with getting a higher return on existing investments and who need to capture information on paper for compliance and disaster recovery systems, eCopy offers an easy to administer solution that works with hardware and software in use today or systems being considered by your customers. eCopy provides native integration with Microsoft applications while providing employees with an intuitive interface regardless of their brand of scanner or multi-function peripheral (MFP). eCopy solutions are proposed to be the de-facto standard for enabling office workers, in a distributed environment, to easily utilize an eCopy-enabled MFP or scanner, to convert paper-based information into secure digital documents and data, that can be added to Microsoft electronic workflows. eCopy Connectors provide a simple and secure way for any office worker to use their copier to get paper-based information into their Microsoft applications, increasing perceived value and usage of your products.

3 eCopy & Microsoft The award-winning eCopy solutions connect an MFP to business enterprise applications providing a low-cost, easy to use “paper information” distribution and management solution. eCopy’s dynamic integration to Microsoft’s applications provides an end user with increased capabilities at the MFP, giving them the ability to: –Scan to Microsoft SharePoint repositories –Scan to SQL/Access databases –Scan and distribute via Microsoft Exchange/Outlook eCopy provides a comprehensive SDK to enable SI’s to develop intuitive applications which encompass a wide range of solutions from eCopy partners including image analysis & processing, information management, BPM and workflow. eCopy is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.

4 Organizational drivers for capturing documents into SharePoint Industry statistics tell us that 30% * of all key business documents are paper-based; an average document entering an organisation costs €30 ** before it ends its lifecycle. By automating the way documents are captured and processed; average cost can be reduced by up to 80% by: –Providing a sustainable “hard copy policy” –Leveraging existing investment in scanners and MFP’s –Addressing the need for industry compliant processes –Creating automated and auditable business processes –Reducing manual document handling by knowledge workers –Reducing customer response times –Providing “ease of use” experiences –Providing fast ROI through quick deployment * “InfoTrends - Roadmap 2006: Image Scanning Trends” ** PricewaterhouseCoopers

5 Mailroom Storyboard “Improving business efficiencies by repurposing data from scanned documents, and executing the appropriate Microsoft business process”

6 Solution Scenario Dynamic processing of a batch of documents. Re- creating the content from the scanned documents, turning the paper into data. The re-created content will be stored within Microsoft SharePoint and a number of key workflows will be initiated, based upon the document type, and content identified. A comprehensive audit trail is created from the input device – scanner or MFP, to the various destinations within Microsoft SharePoint. This storyboard highlights a solutions-based integration with many Microsoft products and solutions.

7 Authenticating - The User is required to authenticate to Microsoft SharePoint, using Windows or SharePoint authentication. This action is recorded and logged..

8 The User is presented with the options applicable to the business processes they have access to. In this example “Gill Brown” can process the incoming mail using the “Mailroom” process.

9 Gill has scanned a batch of three documents – a notification of change of address; an invoice which needs approval; and a new financial instruction.



12 Gill Brown then logs out of the eCopy ShareScan system and returns to her desk. eCopy has generated a complete audit trail of the business process she has executed.

13 The eCopy solution can be integrated with complementary solutions which can analyze and extract the data from the scanned content, initiating the relevant business process. In this example, the information is analyzed by EMC Captiva InputAccel and dispersed to three different Microsoft SharePoint Sites – Accounts, Customer Services and HR…

14 Processing the scanned Invoice – The invoice has returned to “meaningful” data which now forms a Microsoft-based workflow. The “Invoice Approval” employee receives an automated email advising that a new Invoice needs approval before payment can be made.. The email link will take them directly into SharePoint to commence the approval process…

15 The static information on the Invoice is automatically recreated and imported into SharePoint

16 The “Account Approval” User can view the data which is now in a searchable PDF format.

17 The “approval” process requires the user to approve the expenditure. An InfoPath form is generated as an XML rendition of the created PDF and is accepted by applying a digital signature to the Microsoft InfoPath form.


19 Approval completed and business applications updated.

20 The Direct Debit document is automatically analyzed and the data extracted into the finance application.

21 A task is generated to process the Change of Address document

22 The User accepts the Change of Address using an InfoPath form.

23 Summary eCopy, integrated with a partner solution from EMC Captiva, InputAccel, can provide a controlled and complete workflow. Improved business efficiencies are provided by re-creating the content as it’s scanned, and initiating the appropriate Microsoft workflow around the repurposed data. The derived benefits: –Delivers effective document process into MOSS –“Easy” user experience, means fast user “take up” –Automated tasks with audit delivers compliance –Utilisation of MOSS environment means unified UI’s –Significantly reduces cost of handling paper –Increases levels of customer services and experience –Application delivers 360 degree KPI’s –Drives increased revenue and reduced bottom line eCopy enabled Platforms


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