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Dave Brake, Darren Adams, Sean Tobin Charmaine Dean, Jessie MacDonald.

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1 Dave Brake, Darren Adams, Sean Tobin Charmaine Dean, Jessie MacDonald

2 Defining Characteristics History of the home - MacIntyre family - Musical background History of industry Yard 3 bedrooms- family

3 Exterior Appearance Maintain colour Shape Materials of exterior Mouldings

4 Siding Wood shingles - as many possible retained form the home - if necessary used wood shingles from new renovated homes Only considered wood shingles. - original look of the building

5 Interior features Staircase Fireplace Tub Some moulding Flooring-salvageable

6 Salvaged materials St Anne’s Kitchen cabinets -5’ or 8’-cut down to 6’ Bathroom vanity Some light fixtures (possible) Toilet- 6L flush All furniture looks okay Outside sources Wooden shingles- contractors Roofing shingles- seconds (lumber yards) Doors- seconds (lumberyards)

7 Floor plan and Layout


9 Foundation work Not lifting house The potential for damage to the neighbours dwelling is to high Installing sono tubes and pouring concrete as suggested by contractor Most cost effective solution for levelling structure and adding support Removing existing floor, replacing damaged joists, Insulating the cavity and refinishing with ¾ plywood.

10 Saving on energy Air tight to reduce drafts and increase performance of the building Insulate floors, walls, & ceilings (spray foam) Bring the level of insulation up to code R24 Blow-in cellulose in attic Increase the level of insulation to minimum R40 and ventilate Window replacement All windows to be upgraded to a minimum double pane low e, argon.

11 Heating System Once the building is made tight and insulated the heat load is considerably reduced. New heating system then designed to fit Mini split heat pump Yearly cost of heating $300

12 Additional energy saving opportunities Fireplace –install electric insert Reduces draft from chimney and lost energy Tankless hot water heater Reduces losses and gives hot water on demand Drain water heat recovery Powerpipe regains heat from the waste water All lights to be high efficiency LED Lower life cycle cost

13 Effective use of sun, water and gardening New dual toilet Low flow faucets Rain barrel Keep picture window (double pane) Sky lights in addition Plant trees- backyard Garden-optional

14 Neighbourhood enhancements/ greenbelt New side walks Community garden Monumental garden Playground (down the street)

15 Case study Cairo, Illinois Shot-gun house Affordable housing Historical architecture

16 Skilled trades General contractor Plumber Electrician Carpenter

17 Cost Cost of Proposed upgrades Itemcosttotal Remove floor, jack and level25245001100 Insert sono tubes with bigfoots258024004400 New floor Joists25488002000 apply xps to underside of joists258675875 spray foam insulation in cavity2.74801296 refinish floor with 3/4" plywood254700800 apply floor coverings2516950.41350.4 repair and replace outside shingles99278343 gut interior251203000 Install windows5000 upgrade electrical1150 rewire entire house3000 install plumbing2000 install instantaneous boiler and powerpipe1600 spray foam insulation in wall cavity5.48674681.8 install mechanical ventialtion700 apply drywall and finish2.250 install heat pump4000 blow in cellulose insulation in attic960 paint1500 lights and fixtures300 replace trim and mouldings256150 Kitchen7,000 Total Overall cost 55206.2

18 Summary Questions?

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