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Grimsby Secondary School

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1 Grimsby Secondary School
Blue Print Reading Grimsby Secondary School

2 Foundation Plan The foundation, or basement plan of a house is drawn to include all construction requirements up to the first floor. Looking at this plan and starting at the floor joist you would expect to find the following information:

3 Foundation Plan overall dimensions of the foundation size and direction of floor joist, and position of bridging size and location of the main beam supporting the joist and secondary beams location of supporting post/columns and independent footings under beam location of basement windows foundation and footing sizes and shapes stairwell and chimney requirements the location of partitions, doors and fixed equipment in the basement area. Mechanical and electrical installations may be shown as well

4 Floor Plan The main floor plan(s) for a multi-level home continues on from where the foundation plan stops. From the first floor joist it continues up to the floor joist of the succeeding floor or to the ceiling joist, depending on the style of home, showing the interior construction of the home looking at the floor plan, information found on this plan includes the following:

5 Floor Plan overall dimension of the home, and all dimensions in relation to partitions, windows and doors shape and arrangement of rooms position of doors and windows. location of fixed utilities such as kitchen cupboards, bathroom utilities, closets necessary electrical and mechanical information size and dimension of the second floor joist or ceiling joist

6 Elevation Views Elevation views are those blueprints which show the exterior of the home. They are also two-dimensional drawings which show the length or width and height. There are generally four elevation views known as the front, rear, right and left side views. Any one view will show the exterior as you face it in its finished form. Information found on the elevation views include:

7 Elevation Views type and size of window units
exterior finish of the home grade level around foundation type of shingles used type and location of chimney and fireplace elevation views may show any irregularities in the footing or foundation. An example of this would be in the stepped system used in footing under the foundation wall of a multi-level home venting system used in the attic area type and position of exterior steps

8 Sectional Views Sectional views are those portions of the blueprint which show a vertical cut through the home. This is used to show the interior construction of the various structural parts of the building which cannot be shown by elevations or plan views. The location of the section can be found on the floor plan and is generally noted as cross-section A-A. This system of identification allows the carpenter to see exactly where the cut occurs and clarifies for him or her the architect’s intent.

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