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7 Set of Floor Plans Primary Considerations

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1 7 Set of Floor Plans Primary Considerations
Ch. 3- Architecture R.D.& D. 7 Set of Floor Plans Architectural Design

2 Set of Plans Plot Plan ( Site Plan) Foundation Plan Floor Plan
Elevations Electrical Plan Construction Details Pictorial Presentation

3 Plot Plan

4 Plot Plan- Site Plan Shows the location of the house on the site.
Shows utilities, topographical features, site dimensions, and any other buildings on the property.

5 Foundation Plan

6 Foundation Plan

7 Foundation Plan Illustrates foundation size and materials.
Provides the information pertaining to excavation, waterproofing, and supporting structures. May also include basement plan if the house has a basement.

8 Floor Plan

9 Floor Plan Shows all exterior and interior walls, doors, windows, patios, walk, decks, fireplaces, mechanical equipment, build-in cabinets, and appliances. A separate plan view is drawn for each floor of the house. ( ex. First floor , second floor, basement…)

10 Elevations

11 Roof Slope Flat Roof: 2/12 Low Slope: 2/12-4/12
Conventional Slope Roof: 4/12-9/12 Steep Slope: 9/12 and higher Roof Slope

12 Roof Pitch

13 Pitch= Rise/ Clear Span
Slope (pitch)= Rise : Run Example: 5:12 Pitch = Rise ___________ Span = 5/24

14 Roof Pitch Command: Line-@20’<45

15 Building Calculator.. Cool!!

16 Elevations

17 The elevations represent orthographic projections of the exterior features of the building/ house.
They show placement of windows, doors, exterior materials, steps, chimney, rooflines, and other exterior details. Elevations

18 Electrical

19 Electrical Plan Shows switches, convenience outlets, ceiling outlet fixtures, televisions jacks, service entrance location, and the panel box. Also provides general information concerning circuits and special installations. Note: may be found in AutoCAD Insert- Center Designer.

20 Electrical Symbols

21 Construction Details

22 Construction details Drawn where more information is needed to fully describe how the construction is to be done. Includes detail of kitchens, stairs, chimneys, fireplaces, windows, and doors, and foundation walls.

23 Specification- Detail work
Specifications describe the quality of work and materials. Provide additional details that are not shown on the drawings. Drawings and specifications form the basis of a legal contract between the owner and the builder. Specification- Detail work

24 Pictorial Presentation

25 Pictorial Presentation
This is often included to show how the finished structure will appear. It’s usually drawn/ drafted in a two-point perspective.

26 Other Plans- pg. 64 Roof Plan Framing Plan Floor Framing Plan
Heating and cooling plan Plumbing plan Landscaping Plan Furniture Plan Expansion Plan

27 Other Plans These other plans may be included in a set of residential construction drawings. Specifications describe the quality of work and materials

28 make-a-madden-home-for-your-own-home- design.html/attachment/plot-plan-in-trick-to-make-a-madden- home-for-your-own-home-design Sources:



31 Assignment for a Major Grade.
Lets focus on the Roof Design & Elevations.

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