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Air pollution By: Max, Jerry, and Christina Enjoy!

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1 Air pollution By: Max, Jerry, and Christina Enjoy!

2 Air Pollution This is a power point about air pollution. It is caused by people polluting the air with factories and vehicles like cars and trains. I think that this is a problem that we have to solve. Air pollution thickens the atmosphere and then the suns rays get in the Earth’s atmosphere and then can’t get out so the Earth heats up melting the polar ice caps.

3 Identifying the problem Air pollution is a type of pollution that makes global warming a serious matter. It is because the polar ice caps will melt and the water level will raise making some smaller islands disappear under the water forever. That is if we don’t stop air pollution, but if we do, the world would be a better place for the youth.

4 7 ways that air pollution is caused. Combustion exhaust from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trains/metro. These can give off a gas called “Carbon dioxide”. Factories are places that create a lot of air pollution and they are probably the most productive reasons that cause pollution. Petroleum releases things like hydrocarbons and that pollutes the air. Some power lines are high voltage and this sometimes produces pollution. Pesticides that kill pests, insecticides that kill insects and herbicides and that sometimes makes pollution. Radioactive fallout can produce nuclear energy dispersed, a type of dust. Dust from fertilizers to help plants grow creates air pollution.

5 The ozone Air pollution thickens the ozone and the sun’s rays get stuck in the atmosphere so that the earth heats up and the polar ice caps melt such as Antarctica and the north pole. This makes the water level rise and the smaller islands will disappear under the ocean killing thousands of people.

6 Fixing the problem We can fix it by not driving so many cars and trains and also not making so many things in factories. We can walk or bike to work and school. This may take some energy but you can still do it. If your school or job is too far away then it is an exception but try to walk or bike more.

7 Percentage of pollution This is a percentage on how pollution is made.

8 This is my thought of pollution to the Earth REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Don’t pollute!

9 Information You kill the environment by chopping down trees and driving cars all the time. When I say cars I mean all types of electronic vehicles like trains/metros and cars and scooters/motorcycles/mopeds. This is what I say to pollution,

10 Jerry’s thought of pollution I think pollution is a bad thing that we made by not thinking before we do things. We have a chance to save the world now if a lot of people change by not polluting and thinking first before we act. People can change the Earth’s fate.

11 Christina’s thought of pollution I think air pollution is bad and it can make people die or sick. We can change the world by not polluting and then not so many people would die. Lets stop pollution! Save the world for the youth.

12 Solution (Individual) You can solve this problem by not using plant fertilizer and not using pesticides to kill pests because that sometimes makes pollution. Turn off your car when you are waiting in traffic or at a stop light.

13 Solution (Community) Your community can help by not burning things in landfills and also stop nuclear power plants from producing things. They can also stop factories from making useless junk.

14 Thank you for listening!

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