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Hiba T. 4/14/2011 9G2 Br.Nassry. Describe Global Warming  The sun is emitting heat rays that is absorbed by the green house gas molecules once it reflects.

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1 Hiba T. 4/14/2011 9G2 Br.Nassry

2 Describe Global Warming  The sun is emitting heat rays that is absorbed by the green house gas molecules once it reflects off Earth. Thus, increasing the earth’s temperature leading to many deviations such as: An increase in sea level due to the melting ice caps that may also cause flooding. Increase in evaporation along with precipitation resulting in some dryer and wetter regions.

3 Burning Fossil Fuels  Burning fossil fuels is the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas in order to produce energy for transportation, heating, electricity generation, manufacturing, and etc. Burning fossil fuels is the main reason for an increase in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases). Driving cars, using electricity from coal-fired power plants, or heating our homes with oil or natural gas causes a release of carbon dioxide and other green house gases into the atmosphere.

4 Deforestation Why does deforestation lead to global warming??  Deforestation is the clearing of forests or trees that are often replaced with houses, buildings, factories, etc.  It decreases the number of trees thus resulting in an increase of carbon dioxide and a decrease in oxygen. This occurs due to the fact that plants/trees are organisms that take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  This allows an increase in weather and climate altering because the carbon dioxide absorbs the heat rays causing an increase in Earth’s temperature leaving an effect on Earth and what's living in it. How to decrease the effect of deforestation ?? we should increase the number of trees and plants by planting more. Make more parks Increase our dependency on grown fruits and vegetables from gardens. Make and use more air dryers in public bathroom in order to reduce the usage of paper towels or napkins, therefore saving more trees.

5 Population Growth When there’s an increase in population, then there’s an increase in the demand of oil, gas, and coal. So, when burned, a large amount of carbon dioxide is released in the air. It also results in agricultural expansion through forest depletion, decreasing the number of trees thus increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide (leading green house gas) in the air. An increase in population means an increase in the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to breathing. In accordance with the united nation population fund, the population grew from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion, and over the coarse of these years, the emissions of carbon dioxide grew drastically. This proves that population growth is one of the major contributions to global warming.

6 Factory Farming  Factory farming is a farm in which animals are bred and fattened using modern industrial methods. o It is causing live-stock production to be the main source of human-made methane discharge. o Methane was discovered to absorb more heat than carbon dioxide and on top of that, it’s emission is increasing, mostly through herbivorous animal’s manure. o It also promotes deforestation in the sense that trees are cut down to provide more space to raise animals for factory farming.

7 Failing Sinks  Failing sinks are natural systems that continuously absorb carbon dioxide over thousands of years, for instance: the arctic tundra.  Researchers concluded that climate change and wind patterns over the southern ocean caused the carbon rich water to come to the surface, preventing the water to absorb any carbon dioxide from the air.  They also concluded that droughts on land affected the plants’ ability to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


9 Industrialization  Industrialization is the use of machinery for most of the products people use. It increases the emission of (air & water) pollution and increases the demand of energy, water, fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, and etc. This results in the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because the pollution destroys the niche of the plants. It additionally promotes the emission of green house gases because burning fossil fuels is required to generate the machinery.

10 What ‘s the least humans can do to reduce the effects of Global warming??? Start riding your bikes! Go Green: Reduce, reuse, & recycle more often!! Go vegetarian!! or reduce the amount of meat you eat. Global emissions from livestock appear to be greater than the emissions from driving and flying. Save your money. This may help because buying less products means there’s a lesser demand of products from the factory. This reduces the amount of waste and green house gases released. Reforestation: start replanting more trees instead of cutting them down!! *There is so much more we can do, but if I go on, this power point would be far from over, so let me make my message explicit and short….. Lets make an effort and start helping our Earth, it’s time we make a change… don’t forget, Earth’s waiting!!

11 Hope you enjoyed!!!

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