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Registration bring completed paperwork and meet with your counselor: March 11th - March 13th.

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1 Registration bring completed paperwork and meet with your counselor: March 11th - March 13th

2 Transcript ●personal information - upper left corner ●divided by semester ●credit summary box - lower right corner ●credits completed: ○ Freshmen = 30 ○ CAHSEE: ELA = not taken, Math = not taken ■ Test date: March 2016 ○ Community Service hours started

3 ●College prep ○ Pacific Coast High School (PCHS): July 1 - August 7 ○ online ○ 10 credit maximum ●Non-college prep ○ ACCESS: June 22 - August 14 ○ held at Valencia High School ■ independent study format ■ weekly meetings with instructor ○ 10 credit maximum ●Internet Independent Study (IIS) ○ student secures provider ○ fee-based ○ online ●La Entrada ○ Juniors only ○ Art Fundamentals for impacted schedules Summer School Deadline for PCHS and ACCESS summer school: May 13, 2015.

4 4 years Language Arts 2 years Math including Alg 1A and Alg 1B, or Algebra 1 3 years Social Science 2 year Science (1 year physical, 1 year life) 1 year of EITHER Fine Art, Foreign Lang, or Career Technical Education course 1 year Health/Careers 2 years Physical Education 80 elective credits 40 hours Community Service California High School Exit Exam Graduation Requirements

5 ●4 years of Language Arts ●3 years of Math including Algebra 2 (UC recommends 4 years) ●2 years of Social Science (World and U.S. History) ●2 years of lab Science (UC: Bio & Chem) (CSU: Bio & E Sci/Chem) ●2 years of the same Foreign Language (UC recommends 3 years) ●1 year of Fine Art ●1 year of College Prep Elective (Govt and Econ satisfy this requirement) ●SAT or ACT in Spring of Junior year ●Minimum GPA to apply ○ UC: 3.0 ○ CSU: 2.0 ○ Grades of C or better; NO Ds ACCEPTED 4-year College Requirements

6 MARCH ●Meet with you counselor to discuss next year’s schedule. ●Sign up for summer school if necessary to make up any D’s or F’s. APRIL ● Continue to earn the best grades you can. MAY ●Submit summer school application to your counselor by May 13th. SUMMER ●Continue your community service work. ●Update your activities and awards sheet. ●Purchase PSAT at Taking Care of Business in August (if enrolled in Geometry or higher in 10th grade). Freshmen Timeline

7 Visit for information ●Graduation requirements ●College requirements ●Scholarship information ●College Entrance Scattergrams ●Financial Aid ●Internet Independent Study ●Summer School ●Testing information for SAT, ACT, CAHSEE ●Course offerings at EHS Esperanza Website

8 ●Exploring Computer Science ●Introduction to Guitar ●Musical Theater ●JROTC New Electives for 2015-16

9 ●college prep elective ●create games, apps, and programs ●open to all students ●no experience required Computer Science “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs

10 ●college prep fine art ●learn basics of scales, chords, and reading and writing music ●open to all students ●no experience required ●must provide own instrument Introduction to Guitar

11 ●non-college prep fine art ●satisfies PYLUSD graduation requirement ●learn basics of vocal performance and acting ●performance preparation and audition skills are explored ●open to all students ●no experience required Musical Theater

12 ●Aerospace 1 ○ no prerequisites ○ satisfies PYLUSD Physical Science requirement ○ non-college prep ●Aerospace 2 ○ must have completed Aerospace 1 ○ satisfies PYLUSD PE requirement ○ non-college prep ●Organizational Leadership ○ must have instructor approval ○ elective credit ○ non-college prep ●Competitive Drill ○ must have instructor approval ○ satisfies PYLUSD PE requirement ○ non-college prep JROTC

13 Register for NCAA at by Junior NCAA Requirements

14 ●For electives, include alternates and choose carefully. If alternates are not provided, counselor will choose for you. ●Teacher signatures are required for math and foreign language placement. Students must earn a second semester grade of “C” or better to move on. ●Sophomores and Juniors must enroll in 6 classes. Students may earn a maximum of 10 credits in ROP per semester. ●Zero period classes are limited and not guaranteed. Priority will be given to students taking 6 or more classes. ●Your course selection sheet is due to your Language Arts teacher on _________. ●Your registration appointment is on _________. Dear Aztec Letter - highlights

15 ●Keep transcript attached. ●Esperanza’s master schedule is very tight and making changes after registration may not be possible. Most classes are year-long and semester changes are very limited, choose your classes carefully! ●Check zero period box if interested. ●This year’s zero period options: Art, Concert Choir, JROTC, Int/Adv Theater, PE Band, Colorguard, Orchestra, Newspaper, AP Government. ●Parent signature is required. Course Selection Sheet

16 ROP classes held at Esperanza During the regular school day ~ Periods 1 - 6 ~ sign up during registration appt ●Animation - UC approved Fine Art ●Visual Communications/Computer Graphics - UC approved Fine Art ●Welding ●Medical Careers 1 ●Medical Careers 2 - UC approved elective ●Medical Careers 3 - two period block 5th/6th periods After school - 7th period ~ sign up during registration appt & in August ●Fire Tech - 3:30 - 6:30 two days per week ●Welding - 4:00 - 6:30 two days per week There are many other ROP options; catalogs and schedules are available in the ROP display in the Counseling Office or Regional Occupational Program

17 Sign up to receive EHS Counseling information, reminders, and updates via text Freshmen (Class of 2018) text: @aztecs2018 to: 81010 Remind 101

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