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The Road to College 5 Year Plan The Road to College 5 Year Plan.

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1 The Road to College 5 Year Plan The Road to College 5 Year Plan

2 Once You’re Done with 8 th Grade.…. Moving on to high school. What do I need to graduate from high school? What classes do I take if I want to go to a California State University (e.g. Fresno State)? What classes do I take if I want to go to a UC school (e.g. UCLA)? What’s Next?


4 CUSD High School Graduation Requirements!!!  4 years English  4 years of Social Science: - World Geography/Health - World History - U.S. History - Govt./Economics  2 years Math: - Math 1 and Math 2

5 CUSD Requirements Cont… 2 years of Science: - 1 Physical Science and 1 Life Science 2 years of either Foreign Lang. OR Fine Art (or combination of both) 4 years of Physical Education (2 years of Core PE) Pass the High School Exit Exam (take in 10 th grade) Total of 230 credits!!!!!

6 What are the CSU or UC Requirements? 4 years College Prep English 3 years of Social Science: - World History - U.S. History - Govt./Economics 3 years of Math/ 4 yrs recommended

7 CSU/UC requirements cont... 2 years of Science ( 3 years recommended ) -1 year Life Science/ 1 year Physical Science 2 years Foreign Language ( 3 years recommended) 1 year college prep Fine Art Must take SAT Reasoning or ACT 3.0 GPA (CSU) 3.3 GPA (UC)

8 How Can I Prepare for the SAT or ACT? Start taking the PSAT and PLAN tests in 9 th grade. These tests are a great way to practice your test taking skills before taking the SAT/ACT during your Junior year.

9 5 Year Plan Form Fill in your Name, Date, ID, Counselor, and Graduation Class Fill in your current 8 th grade classes

10 Fill in 9 th grade classes Summer School Impacted Schedule AND Proficient or Advanced on CSTs in ELA English 9 Honors 9 – Earn an A in AB class, Proficient or Advanced on CST, and teacher recommendation.

11 Math Must have a high B to advance to the next level of math. Teachers will make recommendations Health/Geography (If not taken in summer) Science Science 1 w/ Math 1 Biology w/ Math 2 Honors Bio- teacher rec. In Biology now- Chemistry in 9 th

12 PE Everyone takes Core PE in 9 th and 10 th grade Electives Foreign Language- 3.0 GPA and Proficient/Advanced on CST Fine Art (needed for CSU/UC) Forensics Peer Counseling, Yearbook, & Leadership, AVID (application required) Available on Jan. 7 th, and due on Jan. 24 th !! Read 180/ Math Tutorial

13 Health Careers Academy High school curriculum that provides a 4-year health careers pathway for students interested in the medical field. Freshmen courses include: Medical English 9 Medical Geometry Medical Biology or Honors Biology Medical Health Health Careers applications will be available in the counseling office or the nurse’s office. See your counselor for more information.

14 Registration Dates Distribution of registration forms: Feb 20 th Registration: Feb 27 th /28 th

15 Naviance Family Connection Electronic college and career planning system.  College and career research tool  Career assessment  Scholarship Search  Resume Builder

16 Things to remember… CST scores are VERY important!!! They are used as a prerequisite for many high school courses. Keep your grades up! Go to labs if you need help! Getting involved in co-curricular activities and community service are important as you prepare for college.

17 Your road to college starts here.

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