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The Road to College 5 Year Plan The Road to Success 6 Year Plan.

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1 The Road to College 5 Year Plan The Road to Success 6 Year Plan

2 8 th Grade Requirements AB Language AB U.S. History Math – (Math 8, Advanced Math 8, or Math 2) Science- Earth/Physical Science, Honors Science 8, Biology Physical Education Elective

3 Once You’ve Completed 8 th Grade.…. Moving on to high school. What do I need to graduate from high school? What classes do I take if I want to go to a California State University (e.g. Fresno State)? What classes do I take if I want to go to a UC school (e.g. UCLA)? What’s Next?


5 CUSD High School Graduation Requirements!!!  4 years English  4 years of Social Science: - World Geography/Health - World History - U.S. History - Govt./Economics  2 years Math: - Math 1 and Math 2

6 CUSD Requirements Cont… 2 years of Science: - 1 Physical Science and 1 Life Science 2 years of either Foreign Lang. OR Fine Art (or combination of both) 4 years of Physical Education (2 years of Core PE) Pass the High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) CAHSEE given during sophomore year Total of 230 credits needed to graduate

7 What are the CSU or UC Requirements? 4 years College Prep English 3 years of Social Science: - World History - U.S. History - American Gov./Economics 3 years of Math/ 4 yrs recommended

8 CSU/UC requirements cont... 2 years of Science ( 3 years recommended ) -1 year Life Science/ 1 year Physical Science 2 years Foreign Language ( 3 years recommended) 1 year college prep Fine Art Must take SAT Reasoning or ACT with writing 3.0 GPA (CSU) 3.3 GPA (UC)

9 How Can I Prepare for the SAT or ACT? Start taking the PSAT in the 8 th grade, and PLAN tests in 9 th grade. These tests are a great way to practice your test taking skills before taking the SAT/ACT during your Junior (11 th grade) year.

10 6 Year Plan Form Fill in your Name, Date, ID, Counselor, and Graduation Class (2019) Circle your current 7 th grade classes

11 Fill in 8 th grade classes AB (US History/Language Arts) Circle the level of math you plan to take –Need a high B to move on to the next level of math Science 8 or Biology If you’re in Adv. Science 7 and Math 8 this year, you will take Biology next year You must earn an “A” in Science and Math to take Biology PE- required

12 Electives Foreign Language- 3.5 GPA and Advanced on the CST in ELA Performing Arts Art/Teen Living, Adv. Art, Forensics, or Computer Applications Peer Counseling, AVID, Journalism, Leadership, Yearbook (application required for all) Academic Seminar, Read 180, or Math Strategies (based on teacher rec. and State Testing scores) Teacher Assistant (TA)

13 Registration Dates Distribution of registration forms: Feb. 19 th during your PE class Registration: Feb. 25-26 th during your AB class

14 Things to remember… State testing scores are VERY important!!! They are used as a prerequisite for many high school courses. Keep your grades up! Go to labs if you need help! Getting involved in co-curricular activities and community service are important as you prepare for college.

15 Your road to success starts here.

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