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Amador High School Class of 2017 4 Year Plan Presentation.

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1 Amador High School Class of 2017 4 Year Plan Presentation

2 Who is your school counselor? Lara Eichman, counselor for students with last names A-L Kelli Thompson, Counselor for students with last names M-Z

3 How to Contact Your School Counselor  Drop by times are:  Before school  During break  During lunch  After school  Make an appointment with Patty  Feel free to email your counselor!

4 Why Meet with Your Counselor? Academic guidance College guidance Career guidance Personal issues General questions We are NICE!! (and sometimes have candy!)

5 What are your plans for life after high school?????

6 4 Year University Community College Military Work Couch Trade School

7 Be Involved Join a club Try out for a sport Provide community service Attend school athletic and social events (You are already a member of Blue Crew!) Sign up for yearbook, drama, musical theater Lead! Run for an office Create your own club

8 Your Transcript Lists all high school coursework taken Includes only semester grades Provides your credit summary Provides your Grade Point Average (GPA) Provides your Class Rank Will list your test scores

9 AHS Graduation Requirements Complete a minimum of 250 credits Complete all course requirements Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in: Language Arts Mathematics Fulfill the state mandated Algebra 1 graduation requirement Complete 10 hours of community service senior year

10 AHS Four Year Plan Chart English (40 credits) 4 years Mathematics (20 credits) 2 years Algebra 1 req Social Studies (35 credits) 3 ½ years Geography (5) World History (10) US History (10) US Gov/Econ (10) Health (5 credits) 1 semester Science (20 credits) 2 years Life Science (10) Physical Science (10) Language/ Fine Art (10 credits) 1 year Career/Tech Ed (10 credits) 1 year Computers (5 credits) 1 semester Physical Education (20 credits) 2 years Electives (85 credits)

11 Honors/Advanced Placement (AP) vs. College Prep (CP) Courses Level of difficulty Current/past achievement level Personal interest/Motivation College goals Time management Work and study habits Other commitments

12 Academic Integrity  Academic Honesty – means that all academic work is the legitimate, truthful work of the student.  When taking tests or submitting homework, students rely on their own knowledge and preparation, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  Students credit sources used when the wording, ideas, facts, statistics, or opinions of other persons or books are utilized.  Student work is not shared with other s unless permitted to do so by the teacher.

13 Consequences for Academic Dishonesty 1.Conference with student. Teacher to contact parent. Failing grade for the assignment or test with no make-up permitted. * 2.One day suspension from school. Failing grade on assignment. * 3.Up to 5 day suspension. Student receives failing grade in subject area. * * Any major offense (i.e. theft of test) will result in maximum penalty.

14 Summer School Located at Independence High School Must be 16 years of age by first day of registration No transportation provided Mid June to mid July typically Mon – Thurs 12:00-8:00, Fri 12:00-6:00 60 hours of work= one 5 credit course Only general courses offered

15 Post High School Graduation Options Technical/Trade Schools Military Community College Four Year University Work Couch

16 Community College Admission Requirements No specific course requirements must be met prior to entrance. Any student may enroll at a community college if s/he meets the following criteria: 18 years of age or Earned a high school diploma

17 EXAMPLE of a Four Year Plan to Fulfill Minimum Requirements for Graduation/Community College Entrance 9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade English 9English 10English 11English 12 Math ** Science ** Health/World Geography World HistoryUS HistoryUS Gov/Econ PE ** Computers***** **** ** Computers can be taken any year but preferably during 9 th or 10 th * 1 year of Lang/Fine Art required; 1 year of Career /Tech Ed required

18 Four Year University Requirements California State University (CSU)/ University of California (UC) CoursesMinimum Requirement of CP Classes A. History/Social Science2 years: World History, US History/ Government B. English4 years: English 9, 10,11,12 C. Math3 years: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II 4 years recommended D. Laboratory Science2 years of lab science; 3 years recommended E. Language other than English2 years same language; 3 years recommended F. Visual/Performing Arts1 year : Art, Band, Ceramics, Drama G. College Prep Elective1 year of college prep elective Test RequirementsSAT or ACT

19 Private & Out-of-State Universities  Most private and out-of-state universities/ colleges follow similar CSU/UC admissions requirements  For private and out-of-state universities, visit their websites or contact the schools directly for current admissions information

20 EXAMPLE of a Four Year Plan to Fulfill Requirements for AHS Graduation/CSU/UC and Other Four Year University College Admissions 9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade English 9English 10English 11English 12 Math Earth Science OR Biology (Lab Science) Lab Science (Lab Science) Health/World Geography World HistoryUS HistoryUS Gov/Econ PE ** Computers***** Spanish 1Spanish 2(Spanish 3)(Spanish 4) 1 year of Visual and Performing Art required Computers can be taken any year but preferably during 9 th or 10 th grade

21 Preparing for College Begin to keep track of any extracurricular activities, sports, or community service activities in which you participate Take the PSAT exam during your 10 th and 11 th grade years in October Take the SAT and ACT test in the spring of your 11 th grade year Consider taking SAT Subject tests in classes in which you do exceptionally well Consider how your actions reflect your character!

22 Career Technician – Mel Jagoda Amador High School Career Center (located in the Library) Meet with Mrs. Jagoda to create or to discuss your post high school plans! Mrs. Jagoda specializes in working with our students interested in community college, trade/tech schools and military (Armed Services). OPEN TO YOU: Mon – Thurs from 10:00 am – 1:45 pm Stop by today!

23 Now…Create Your Own 4 Year Plan! Thank you for your time and attention! For further questions, please drop by and see your counselor!

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