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Freshman Scheduling April 2011. Administrative Staff Judy McDonald, Principal Synthia Kirby, Assistant Principal Peter Braveboy, Assistant Principal Rebecca.

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1 Freshman Scheduling April 2011

2 Administrative Staff Judy McDonald, Principal Synthia Kirby, Assistant Principal Peter Braveboy, Assistant Principal Rebecca Hitchcock, Assistant Principal

3 A-CJennifer Spurgers D-HeWendy Risner Hi-MiSusan Palmore Mo-ScAlice Rogers Se-ZJill Lauck College Readiness Julie Johnson Guidance Office Staff Debbie Vandestreek, Secretary Paula Moore, Registrar Lesa Burleson, College Readiness Clerk Your Rider Counselors!

4 What do the counselors do? Attending to the needs of your child – How? –Academically Parent Self Serve (example on next two slides) Contact Teacher first when needed –Emotionally In crisis Please let us know of significant changes going on in your child’s life If you have an attendance and/or discipline issue/question, please call the appropriate office.

5 Example of Parent Self Serve

6 More Parent Self Serve

7 Freshman Parent Meeting In September, we will hold a parent meeting to discuss Graduation Plans, GPA’s, and answer any questions you might have. All of this information is included in the yellow Rider Course Guide your child was given last week at their junior high. It is also available online on the Rider website.

8 Freshman Corral Invitations mailed to students in August. Sponsored by PRO-Rider, Rider’s Parent Raider Organization Get unofficial schedule, find classrooms, attend Pep Rally, can get locker, sale of ROHO/Rider apparel Usually the Friday before school starts

9 Semester grades of 70 or higher will be awarded 0.5 credits per class No credits are earned for office aide or teacher aide (Senior year only) Students must earn 5 credits per year in order to be promoted Students must pass, not just take classes to receive credit! Earning Credits For Graduation

10 Establishing a GPA Grade points are based on the semester grade for each class taken (not six weeks grades). The accumulation of grade points begins with all classes in the ninth grade (not just core classes). No grade points are earned for correspondence, concurrent enrollment, distance learning, credit by exam, off-campus PE, or courses completed in junior high. Additional grade points are awarded for Pre-AP and Advanced Placement courses. A student must complete both semesters of Pre-AP or AP courses to receive additional grade points. A drop form must be signed by the Parent and the Teacher for a student to move from PreAP to regular level classes.

11 Grade Points Regular Classes 90-100 = 4 points 80-89 = 3 points 75-79 = 2 points 70-74 = 1 point 0-69 = 0 points Pre-AP and AP classes 90-100 = 5 points 80-89 = 4 points 75-79 = 3 points 70-74 = 2 points 0-69 = 0 points

12 Recommended Graduation Plan English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4 4 credits of Mathematics (must include Alg. 1, Geometry, & Alg. 2) 4 credits of Science (must include Biology, Chemistry, & Physics) World Geography, World History, United States History, Government, Economics 1 credit of Fine Arts 1 credit of Physical Education 0.5 credit of Communication Application 2 credits of the same Foreign Language 5.5 credits of Electives – If student completes more than required level of class, then the class counts as an elective

13 Distinguished Achievement Graduation Program Recommended Plan plus student must take & pass a 3 rd year of the same Foreign Language and any combination of 4 of the following Advanced Measures:  Test Data: ‘3’ or above on AP exams PSAT score that qualifies student for Commended Scholar or higher by the NMSC (1 measure)  College Courses: grade of 3.0 or higher in classes for college credit  Original Research/project (counts as 2 of the 4 measures)

14 Four Year Plan GradeZero Hour (Optional) Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4Course 5Course 6Course 7 9 English 1 Reg. Pre-AP Math 1 or Geometry Reg. Pre-AP Biology Reg. Pre-AP World Geography Reg. Pre-AP 10 English 2 Reg. Pre-AP Math Geom. or Alg 2 Reg. Pre-AP Science IPC or Chem. Reg. Pre-AP World History Reg. Pre-AP 11 English 3 Dual Reg. AP Math Alg 2 or Pre-Cal. Reg. Pre-AP Science Chem. or Physics Reg. Pre-AP History Dual Reg. AP 12 English 4 Dual Reg. AP Math Student choice Reg. Pre-AP AP Science Student choice Reg. Pre-AP AP Government/ Economics Dual Reg. AP The following courses are required. However, they may be taken at any time during their high school career: Fine Arts (1.0) Comm. Applications (.5) PE/PE Equivalent (1.0) Foreign Language (2.0 of the same language) Electives (5.5) These, along with the mandatory 4 x 4, complete the requirements for the Recommended Graduation Plan. If you take IPC and plan to graduate on the Recommended or Distinguished Achievement Program, you must also take Chemistry and Physics in the following 2 years.

15 Selecting your Freshman Courses Circle enough classes to equal 7 full credits. Example English 1 (1 credit)‏ Health (.5 credit) + Speech (.5 credit) = 1 credit

16 Freshman Example Schedule English 1 – Regular or Pre-AP Algebra 1 or Geometry – Regular or Pre-AP Biology 1 – Regular or Pre-AP World Geography – Regular or Pre-AP ~~~~~Must sign up for the above!!~~~~~ Elective or PE or PE Equivalent Elective or Fine Art Elective or Foreign Language

17 Schedule Request Make sure you have circled enough classes to equal 7 full credits! *Put an A next to 3 alternate classes – This is in case you don’t get your 1 st choice on some elective. Don’t worry - you’ll definitely get your English, Math, Science & History classes!

18 Instructions for filling out Course Selections Counselors will be out in the Student Center to answer questions. Please make sure to leave the white copy of your child’s Course Selections.

19 Thank you for choosing Rider High School. We know you will be glad you did!

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