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Course Registration 2015-16 School Year 11 th -12 th grade year.

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1 Course Registration 2015-16 School Year 11 th -12 th grade year

2 Administrative Staff Principal Jimmy Neal Associate Principal Erica Goulding

3 Administration Office Staff Alpha (A-G) Charles EtheridgePrincipal Ashley AaronCounselor Alpha (H-O) Scott ShahaPrincipal Heather ChandlerCounselor Alpha (P-Z) Jennifer CulpepperPrincipal Mia ThurmanCounselor

4 Mission The mission of the Burleson Independent School District is to engage and support every learner with a rigorous curriculum so that they graduate college and career ready.

5 General Information

6 Grade Level Classification Freshman Less than 6 credits Sophomore = 6 credits Junior = 12 credits Senior = 18 credits Students will need a total of 26 credits to graduate.

7 EOC Exams EnglishMathScienceSocial Studies English 1 English 2 Algebra IBiologyUS History Students must take and pass each exam before graduation

8 Entered Grade 9 Fall of 2013-14 or Before Course TypeRecommended Plan (RHSP) Distinguished Achievement Plan (DAP) English 44 Math 44 Science 44 Social Studies 44 Foreign Language 23 Fine Arts 11 P.E./Athletics 11 Professional Communications 0.5 Electives 5.54.5 Total Credits Required 2626* *Students must also meet 4 advanced measures from the following list: 1. An AP Exam score of “3” or higher (prior to the Senior year) 2. Qualifying as a National Merit Finalist, Semi-Finalist, or Commended Scholar on the PSAT during your junior year 3. Earning a “B” or better in a college-level course (dual credit or concurrent credit) 4.Completing an independent research project

9 Requesting Courses

10 Students will receive Course Selection Sheets on February 18 th or 19 th. Please refer to the sheets when choosing specific courses. Remember, you will need to choose 7 credits. Typically, that is: English Math Science Social Studies The remaining credits should be completed with: PE/Athletics Foreign Language Fine Arts Electives

11 Transfer / Transport The following programs will have transportation provided for the 2015-16 school year: Information Technology (BHS) JROTC (BHS) Health Science (CHS) The remaining Career Tech courses will require a transfer. Documents, deadlines and procedures for program transfers will be provided on the BISD website soon.

12 Requesting Courses Advanced Academic

13 AP Course Options AP Biology AP English III AP English IV AP Calculus AP Physics AP US History AP Chemistry AP Music Theory AP Government AP Economics AP Statistics AP Spanish IV AP Environmental Science AP Art

14 What are AP Courses? Students take an examination in the spring, the results of which are used by many colleges and universities to award college credit. Provides valuable academic preparation and support for high school students as they prepare for the transition to higher education. Opportunity to take a college-level course in an area of special interest. Help students develop the analytical and study skills and habits they will need in college while bolstering academic self- confidence needed to meet college requirements.

15 Benefits of AP Students are better prepared academically Students are more likely to specialize in stringent majors Students are more likely to complete more college work in four (4) years Students are found to perform slightly better than peers who did not take AP courses Students are more likely to exercise leadership Students are twice as likely to go into advanced study (Ph.D., medicine, law)

16 Dual Enrollment What is dual credit? Provides the opportunity for high school students to take college courses that count toward the high school graduation requirements. These courses may be taken at the high school or on a college campus during regular school hours. Successful completion of the college level course can earn a student high school credit as well as college credit. What are the benefits? Building a college transcript while still in high school Experiencing college curriculum Saving money by not having to pay for college classes Optimizing resources provided by the community college or four- year institution

17 Dual Enrollment English III and IV (ENGL 1301 & ENGL 1302) US History (HIST 1301 & HIST 1302) Speech (SPCH 1315) Biology (BIOL 1408 & BIOL 1409) Pre-Calculus (MATH 1314 & MATH 1316) Psychology (PSYC 2301) Sociology (SOCI 1301)

18 Dual Enrollment CHS Dual Enrollment 2015-16 Important Reminders Students are responsible for all cost associated with dual credit. Students are responsible for cost of textbook if a textbook is required. Cost is approximately $300 per course, per semester paid directly to Hill College. Students are responsible for the cost EACH semester and tuition is paid per semester. Fall payment must be made by August. Spring payment must be made by January. Students do have an option through Hill College to set up a payment plan. Tuition and fees are subject to change based on Hill College.

19 Dual Enrollment CHS Dual Enrollment 2015-16 Example of Tuition FALL (paid by August) SPRING (paid by January) TOTAL FOR THE YEAR College Algebra$300Plane Trig$300$600 Comp. 1301 English 4 $300Comp. 1302 English 4 $300$600

20 Wednesday, March 4 (Seniors) in English III classes Thursday, March 5 (Juniors) in World History classes Counselors will be available to help students request courses in Family Access.


22 Thanks for attending! A copy of this presentation can be found on the CHS website.

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