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Graduation Planning and Course Choices. Graduation Requirements For the Classes of 2016 and 2017.

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1 Graduation Planning and Course Choices

2 Graduation Requirements For the Classes of 2016 and 2017

3 HB 5 Graduation Plan 2014-2015 Current high school students who wish to switch to the Foundation High School Plan with Endorsements should complete the registration process with their high school counselor, meeting all required deadlines. Students may submit a request to change graduation plans and adjust their course requests accordingly. Paper work will be made available in the spring of 2015. Changes will not be made to current graduation plans of current high school students without school counselor review and recommendation. Counselors will help students identify their interests and match them to an endorsement plan. Parent approval is required. If you are a current sophomore or junior, confirm the requirements of any university you are interested in prior to requesting to change your graduation plan. Parents and students are responsible for determining whether they have necessary requirements for post- secondary institutions. More information on the NISD website.

4 Why Take AP Courses? Stand Out in College Admissions Earn College Credits Skip Introductory Classes Build College Skills Raise Class Rank

5 Recommended Graduation Plan Requirements English 4 credits √ English 1- regular or Pre-AP √ English 2 - regular or Pre-AP √ English 3 – regular or AP √ English 4 - regular dual credit or AP

6 Requirements cont. Math 4 credits Algebra 1 - regular or Pre-AP Geometry - regular or Pre-AP Algebra 2 - regular or Pre-AP 1 state-approved math credit - regular, dual credit or AP  Math Models, if selected, must be taken prior to Algebra 2

7 Requirements cont. Science 4 credits Biology - regular or Pre-AP Chemistry - regular or Pre-AP Physics - regular or Pre-AP 1 state-approved science credit – regular or AP  Students who take IPC must take both chemistry and physics after IPC.

8 Requirements cont. Social Studies 4 credits World Geography - regular or Pre-AP; or AP Human Geography World History - regular or AP U.S. History - regular, dual credit or AP Government - regular, dual credit or AP (.5) Economics - regular, dual credit or AP (.5)

9 Requirements cont. Other Languages Recommended Plan = 2 credits Distinguished Plan = 3 credits Fine Arts 1 Credit PE/Athletics 1 Credit Speech.5 Credit Electives 5.5 credits  4.5 on Distinguished Achievement Program = 26 Total Credits

10 Testing Requirements The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) are required for graduation. STAAR includes 5 end-of-course (EOC) assessments: 1)Algebra I 2)English I 3)English II 4)Biology 5)U.S. History

11 Let’s get started. From the NISD Website…. Click on “A+”

12 Login to the Home Access Center using your student login. User Name: first.lastname Password: studentid#

13 Use your transcript information and the form you have been given to complete a graduation credit check. All courses required for graduation are listed.  Place a √ in boxes under the courses for which you have credit.  Place an * in boxes under the courses you are currently taking.  Highlight or place a circle in boxes where you still need credit.  The boxes represent semester one and two for 1.0 credit classes.

14 Fill in the grid with your class choices… Choose your courses carefully. Make sure you have included any unfulfilled graduation requirements. Check Programs of Study for elective choices based on possible career choices. Make sure you have the prerequisites. Prerequisites and course descriptions can be found in the course guide located online on the NWHS Counseling Page. Fill in all 7 boxes. If you have met your math and/or science requirement, you may enter an elective course choice instead. If you choose a.5 credit class, you must choose another.5 credit class to match up with it. Put both in the box. 2.0 credit classes take up 2 boxes…3.0 credit classes take up 3 boxes.

15 Choose at least 3 alternates… Write in the name of the desired classes in order of preference. – It is possible that the courses that you choose will fill up or will not work with your schedule, so it is very important to pick at least three alternates. If you do not write down alternates, we will choose them for you. Discuss the courses you are choosing with your parents and get their signature.

16 Click on “Classes” Click on “Career Plan” When you are ready to enter your course requests to complete your 4-Year Plan…

17 Take note of all of the important information found on this page! Credit Needed in Each Area and Estimated Credit Earned 8 th Grade Courses if Taken Courses Taking Currently

18 To enter your next year courses, click on “Grade 11 or Grade 12” Use your completed Credit Check and Course Plan to request courses. (Sophomores will enter both junior and senior years.)

19 Expand by Clicking the + to view graduation requirements. To Enter Course Choices Click “Edit” Let’s start with English Language Arts! Refer to your Supplemental Planning Guide for information on English courses that meet HB5 graduation requirements.

20 Click the box beside the course you are choosing. Departmental electives are available to choose on this screen as well.

21 Once you have selected your course(s) click “Save”.

22 You will continue this process until all courses are selected.

23 Students and their parents/guardians may work together at home to complete the planning process and computer entry. Continue selecting courses to complete your remaining years in high school. Make sure you have the required prerequisites for the courses you choose. Be especially careful when choosing electives. For more information regarding recommended course sequencing, course descriptions and course prerequisites click the link below: Your “Career Plan” is a working document and can be changed to meet your needs. The courses you choose will be used to schedule your classes. If you have questions, don’t worry. Counselors will assist you during your assigned time in the lecture hall. Your social studies teacher will inform you of the date. Students: bring your completed form with you at your assigned time. Your counselor will use it to help verify your courses.

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