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Atascocita High School Class of 2015/ Freshman Night.

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1 Atascocita High School Class of 2015/ Freshman Night

2 Graduation Requirements Recommended Plan - Plan that prepares you for college and to be Texas Ready. Distinguished Achievement Plan - Plan for those students whose accomplishments merit acknowledgement on a national level

3 Recommended Plan English 4 credits Math 4 credits Science 4 credits Social Studies 4 credits PE 1.0 credits Communications Applications.5 credit Fine Arts 1 credit Second Language 2 credits Electives 5.5 credits Total 26 state credits

4 Distinguished Achievement Plan Meet all the requirements of the Recommended Plan AND 1 additional year of Second Language Specific Math/Science requirements 4 Advanced measures (in any combination) –A score of 3 or above on an AP exam in 10 th or 11 th grade –A score of 4 or above on the International Baccalaureate exam –A grade of 80 or higher on a course that counts for college credit- including an articulated class –A score on the PSAT that qualifies a student for recognition in 11 th grade

5 Credit Requirements for Classification Students are classified by the number of academic credits they have earned at the beginning of the school year. 0-5.5 credits = 9 th grade 6-11.5 credits = 10 th grade 12-17.5 credits = 11 th grade 18+ credits = 12 th grade

6 Recommendations for Successful Pre AP Course Selection

7 PreAP and AP Classes Available in most subject areas Teacher input is valuable in making this decision Prepare for college Earn higher GPA May earn college credits in 11 th & 12 th grade through Dual Credit courses, AP exams, or IB exams Learn to think, read, and write critically and analytically

8 Thinking about Pre-AP or AP? More rigorous coursework Requires more responsibility and self motivation Summer reading Prepares students for AP exam.

9 English English 1 or English 1 PreAP English 3 or AP English 3 English 2 or English 2 PreAP English 4 or AP English 4 or English 4 Dual 9th 10th 11th 12th

10 Math Algebra 1 Geometry or Geometry PreAP PreCalculus or PreAP/Dual Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 PreAP AP Statistics or AP Calculus/Dual Algebra 3College Algebra Dual

11 Science Biology or Biology PreAP Principles of Physics, Physics or Physics PreAP Chemistry or Chemistry PreAP 10th 11th 12th Any 4 th year Science 9th

12 Social Studies World Geography or World Geography PreAP US History, AP US History or US History Dual World History or AP World History Government, AP Government or Government Dual Virtual 9th 10th 11th 12th Economics, AP Economics or Economics Dual Virtual and

13 Examples of Career Clusters Technology Applications Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Architecture & Construction Arts, Audio-visual Technology & Communications Education & Training Finance Government & Public Administration Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Human Services Information Technology Law. Public Safety & Security Manufacturing, Sales, & Service Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

14 Plan your high school courses using your chosen career cluster and pathway! Portfolio name: humble+student ID Password: student ID













27 Here you will find your college and career resource center

28 STAAR EOC Presented by: Terri Plagens Kellianne Olson Atascocita High School For Students and Parents

29 New STAAR EOC assessments will be implemented with freshman entering in 2011-2012.

30 *English reading and writing will be tested on two separate days. STAAR will focus on readiness for success in subsequent courses and ultimately for college and career readiness. STAAR EOC *English:English I, English II, English III Math:Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II Science:Biology, Chemistry, Physics Social Studies: W. Geography, W. History, US History

31 TAKS vs STAAR 4 Exit Level Tests – ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies taken as a Junior 12 EOC Exams. You will take the exam the same year you take the course. Entire School Day to Test 4 Hour Testing Limit No make up exams. You had to wait until the next scheduled administration. Allowed to take a make up exam within a testing window. Administered in March, April, July, October Administered in March (English I, II, III), May, July, late Fall

32 TAKS vs STAAR CommendedLevel III: Advanced Academic Performance Met Passing Standard (means you passed) Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance Did not meet Passing Standard Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance No indication of college or career readiness If a student earns “Advanced Academic Performance” on Algebra II and English III, this indicates student’s postsecondary readiness.

33 TAKS vs STAAR Once you passed the Exit Level TAKS, you were finished and never had to retake it. You may re-take STAAR as many times as you want in order to get a higher score. No impact on your grade average. Carries a weight of 15% Reading/ELA TAKS was only one day of testing. English EOC exams will be two days of testing

34 Graduation Requirements In order to graduate, a student have a cumulative score of the EOC assessments taken in each content area that indicates Level II Satisfactory Academic Performance. A student must achieve a minimum score for each EOC to count towards the student’s cumulative score in English, Math, Science, or Social Studies. A student’s cumulative score is determined using the student’s highest score on each EOC assessment.

35 Graduation Requirements If a student does not achieve the minimum score on an EOC assessment, the student will retake that EOC assessment. The student does not have to retake the course in order to retake an EOC. What happens if I took Algebra I in 8 th grade? You are not required to take the Algebra I EOC. You are only required to take an EOC for a course you are currently taking. However, you have the option to take Algebra I. Note of Caution: A minimum score earned on each EOC assessment may not be enough for the cumulative score required for graduation.

36 Graduation Requirements In addition to meeting the cumulative score requirement in each of the four content areas, students on the Recommended High School Program have to achieve Level II: Satisfactory Academic performance on the EOC assessments for English III and Algebra II. In addition to meeting the cumulative score requirement in each of the four content areas, students on the Distinguished Achievement Program have to achieve Level III: Advanced Academic Performance for English III and Algebra II.

37 TEST DATES EOC ENGLISH I March 26 th – EOC ENGLISH I Reading March 27 th - EOC ENGLSIH I Writing MAKE UP March 28 th – EOC ENGLISH Writing March 29 th - EOC ENGLISH Reading


39 TEA WEBSITE tudent.assessment/parents /

40 Academic Sessions Math Algebra 2 Academic and Pre-AP - Room 1107 Geometry Academic and Pre-AP – Room 1106 Science IPC and Chemistry Academic and Pre-AP – Room 1105 Social Studies World History Academic and AP – Room 1104 English English 2 Academic and Pre-AP – Room 1103

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