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Effects of Depression Emotional –Sadness –_____________ Physical –Fatigue –_____________ –Eating disorders Intellectual –Self-criticism –_____________.

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1 Effects of Depression Emotional –Sadness –_____________ Physical –Fatigue –_____________ –Eating disorders Intellectual –Self-criticism –_____________ Behavioral –_____________

2 More Symptoms… Persistent depressed, sad, anxious, or empty mood Feeling worthless, helpless, or experiencing excessive or inappropriate guilt Loss of interest and pleasure in activities that are normally enjoyable Decreased energy and chronic fatigue Loss of memory, difficulty making decisions or concentrating Irritability or restlessness or agitation Sleep disturbances--either difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much Significant change in appetite or body weight Recurring thoughts of death, or suicidal thoughts or actions If you experience 5 or more of these symptoms for 2 weeks or more you may be considered depressed.

3 Causes of Teen Depression Can be a ____________ to many situations and stresses Depressed mood is normal due to ____________________ Changes in _________ can cause feelings of depression Desire for ____________ and conflict with ___________ may also cause these feelings

4 Causes of Teen Depression May be a reaction to a ____________ –Death of friend or relative –Break up with boyfriend or girlfriend –Failure at school Teens are at _________ for depression if they: –Have low ____________ –Are highly self critical –Have an external __________________

5 Teen Depression May be difficult to diagnose because normal adolescent behavior is marked by ________________. Feeling like the world is great one minute and that life sucks the next. These moods may __________ over a period of hours or days

6 Signs and Symptoms of Depression Persistent __________ mood ___________ school performance Failing relations with family and friends ___________ abuse *These symptoms may be easy to recognize, but depression in adolescents often manifests very differently than these classic symptoms.

7 Symptoms of Teen Depression Excessive _______________ Change in ________ habits ___________ behavior Obsession with ______ (suicidal thoughts, irrational fear of death and dying) * Chronic depression generally has it’s onset during the _______ or __________ years

8 Risk Factors Girls- Twice as likely to experience depression Stressful life events Abuse Unstable home life Poor social skills Chronic illness Family history of depression Fear of ridicule Being a bullied or being a bully Stress over school, relationships, performance expectations Family history of violence

9 Prevention Avoid _______________: these can trigger depression. Associate with friends who have __________ Develop a good _________________ with family members, teachers, and/or friends Learn healthy ways to deal with ____________ Take any medication prescribed to you as directed Eat a ____________ diet.

10 Prevention Get ______________. Get enough ____________ Consider keeping a ___________ Allow time for normal _________ after a loss, but if recovery does not occur, seek counseling. Avoid anything you know may ___________ depression for you Get help if you suffer from any other disorders, such as eating disorders, learning disabilities, or substance abuse problems

11 Suicide Risks 17-18 year olds are the most _________. _________ or ______ in the family. Moving to another city. Parent’s divorce. Birth of half-sibling Problems in school. Breaking up with girl/boyfriend. High ____________ _____________ of the family. Lengthy ________ or death in family.

12 Interesting Tidbits __________ American teens suffer from severe depression. Approximately _____ of high school students seriously consider suicide each year. Over the past 35 years, the youth suicide rate in the US has _______

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