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Disorder Review.

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1 Disorder Review

2 Schizophrenia Definition: A disorder where it becomes difficult to act normally in social situations, think rationally, and differentiate between what is real and unreal. Signs/Symptoms: Hallucinations, delusions, problems paying attention, lack of emotion, unaware of environment around them. Effects: Difficulty keeping a job and friends, may suffer form depression and suicidal thoughts. 1% of population has this disorder.

3 Bi- Polar Definition: A person may move from an elevated, excitable mood to a depression with no explainable reason. Signs: (Mania)Inflated Self-esteem, little sleep, hyperactive, lack of self-control, poor temper control, reckless behavior. (Depressed) Low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, sad, withdrawal from activities and friends. Effects: Suicide increased risk, may abuse alcohol/drugs.

4 Post-Traumatic Stress
Definition: A disorder that results from a traumatic event that could include death or injury. Signs: Reliving of event, avoidance, emotions, “survivor guilt” Effects: alcohol abuse, drug use, depression, hard to function normally.

5 General Anxiety Disorder
Definition: Constant worry or agitation about many different activities or events. Signs: Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, restless Effects: Physical and Mental issues, depression, abuse,

6 Phobia Definition: an anxiety disorder where there is constant worry or fear about a certain object or situation. Signs: Great anxiety when faced with the phobia. Panic attacks could occur along with feelings of helplessness and nausea. Effects: Loss of job, friends, and family as they cope with phobia. Could become life-threatening and cause heart problems.

7 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Definition: When people have unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and then have the impulse to act on them (compulsions). Signs: Many different obsessions, some would be excessive hand washing, cleaning to the extreme, or neatness. Effects: Person focuses attention on compulsion which could result in loss of job, friends and family.

8 Panic Definition: Fear that something will happen when not expected. Panic attacks occur. Signs: Chest pain, nausea, fear of dying, trembling, sweating Effects: May result in drug use, alcoholism, and depression.

9 Depression Definition: When someone has feelings of loss, sadness, anger or frustration that interferes with life for more than two weeks. Signs: Feelings of hopelessness, agitation, thoughts of death or suicide, becoming withdrawn, changes in sleep. Effects: May not be fully involved in life, suicidal thoughts, lack of concentration can have serious effects.

10 Sources General Anxiety Disorder - PTSD Bipolar Schizophrenia Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Phobia Panic Depression

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