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Henry Clay High School Senior Meetings 2014 1 Counselor Breakdown Ms. Wesley: A-Cole Ms. Cain: Colf-Gol Ms. Howard: Gom-K Ms. Smith: L-N Mr. Edwards: O-Sl.

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1 Henry Clay High School Senior Meetings 2014 1 Counselor Breakdown Ms. Wesley: A-Cole Ms. Cain: Colf-Gol Ms. Howard: Gom-K Ms. Smith: L-N Mr. Edwards: O-Sl Ms. Barnes: Sm-Zz

2 Transcripts and Credits2 Check transcript for accuracy Are you scheduled into the classes you need to graduate? Make a note of any discrepancies on the transcript and discuss with counselor Weighted GPA is used to determine rank

3 Graduation Requirements 3 At least 22 credits are required to graduate. 4-English, 3-Math (must take math every year), 3 Science, 3 Social Studies, Health and PE, Arts/Humanities, and 7 elective credits. Seniors who have attended another high school may have additional requirements. Check with your counselor for complete graduation requirements.

4 Senior Info Sheets4  Senior Info sheets are used by counselors so that we Have important details about the student’s college Planning, interests, activities, and etc.  Seniors are asked to complete the info sheets during This meeting and leave with your counselor.  This is a very important tool for counselors when writing College recommendation letters and making referrals for Scholarships.

5 The College Application Process 5 Official transcripts are required for college applications. Every student gets one hard copy free. All other hard copies are $1 each. See counselor or registrar. Transcripts should be sent electronically via the E-Transcript process. Instructions will be given. College Applications: The student completes application (online preferred), bring resume and postage if necessary and all other required elements to counselor. The counselor will add the necessary forms and recommendations to the application and mail from the counseling office.

6 The College Application Process (continued) 6 For each application submitted to the counselor please include at least 2 stamps for postage. Some applications will require more postage. Applications to be mailed this semester are due to the counselor no later than Dec. 5. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing of applications.

7 Test Registration 7 Check the ACT and/or SAT dates and get registered. Paper apps are available in the counseling office or you can apply online at or Some out of state schools require SAT II’s which are subject specific tests.

8 Scholarship Information 8 A scholarship listing is generated and updated about every two weeks, posted in classrooms, in the guidance office and on Henry Clay’s website. Also students can check the scholarship bulletin board in the counseling office. See your counselor for more info.

9 KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship) 9 Students who make at least a 2.5 GPA can earn a base scholarship amount every year. The better the grades, the more money earned to pay for college. Students can also earn a bonus award for at least a 15 on ACT. Must be a US citizen and KY resident

10 Senior Timetable 10 The Senior Checklist includes suggested steps to be taken by college-bound students to best prepare them for college admissions. Following these recommendations will help students to be organized and up to date on the whole college admissions process.

11 College Fair 11 The Gary R. Martin Central Kentucky College Fair will be held on Monday, October 13th at 6:00pm at Rupp Arena 100-125 colleges and universities from all over the USA will be represented. Henry Clay has hosted this event for over 30 years.

12 College Visits 12 Policy: Seniors may schedule college campus visits. These visits should not exceed a total of 5 school days. The procedure: A Request for College Visit form must be completed and submitted to the counselor three days in advance of the visit.

13 The Common Application 13 Please consider using the Common Application if you are applying to several schools. Apply at For a complete listing of schools that accept the common app visit the website.

14 Letters of Recommendation and Resumes14 A recommendation letter from your counselor is required for most college applications. The resume is most helpful to the counselor in producing the recommendation letter. Please include in your resume awards, accomplishments, activities, etc. Submit your resume to the counselor at the beginning of your application process. Also please be considerate in asking for recommendations at least 2 weeks before they are needed.

15 NCAA Guidelines 15 If you are a college-bound athlete, you must meet NCAA academic eligibility requirements. The NCAA guidelines have changed in recent years. See your counselor if you have more questions.

16 Financial Aid 16 Every student going to college should complete the FAFSA online by Jan. 15 FAFSA = free application for federal student aid Some schools require a supplemental form—be sure and check with the financial aid office at each college

17 Senior Meetings 2013 Final Notes 17 Getting In -this is a very useful booklet with lots of helpful information. Please go through this book and access all of the resources it provides. Allow plenty of time for processing and completion of college applications. Check HC’s website often for important announcements, scholarship information, and other helpful hints.

18 College Application Week 18 What is College Application Week? Hands-on assistance for students in navigating the college application process When? October 27-31 Where? Henry Clay Library What? College representatives will come to school to help students to complete college applications Wear your college gear Students can win fun prizes

19 A final thought….. 19 Remember these 5 simple rules to be happy… *Free your heart from hatred. *Free your mind from worries. *Work hard. *Give more. *Expect less. Congratulations 2015 Seniors!!!

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