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University High School Counseling Department Fall Senior Presentation Information for Seniors, 2006-2007.

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1 University High School Counseling Department Fall Senior Presentation Information for Seniors, 2006-2007

2 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation2 Where Do I Go From Here?  The Final Year—Senior Year  Where Do You Go From Here?  Senior Year is a Year of Decision Making  Important Decisions about Your Future –What Career Path Should I Follow? –Where Should I Go To College If I Go? –What Kind of Man/Woman Do I Want to Become?

3 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation3 Planning A Career  Develop a Career Plan  Assess Your Skills and Interest  Research Occupations  Compare Your Skills and Interests with Occupations  Choose a Career Goal

4 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation4 Planning A Career  Select the Appropriate Place for Training  Determine Financing of Training  Learn About Job-Hunting Tips  Prepare Your Resume  Find Sources for Additional Information

5 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation5 Planning A Career  State Farm 2006 Fall Career Day –Tuesday, October 17 –State Farm Employees Offer Presentations Of Different Career Opportunities –7:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. TODAY  Interested? Then Must Sign-up In The Counseling Center by 3:15 p.m. TODAY

6 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation6 Types of Colleges  Community Colleges –Example: Heartland Community College  Technical Colleges –Example: Hairmasters Institute  Junior Colleges –Example: Lincoln College  Four-Year Colleges and Universities –Example: Illinois State University

7 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation7 Choosing A College  Ask Yourself These Questions--- –Why Do I Want To Go To College? –What Do I Hope To Achieve In College? –What Do I Want To Study or For Which Job Do I Want To Prepare? –Do I Want To Live At Home or Go Away To School? –Would I Be Happier In A Small College or At A Large University

8 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation8 Choosing A College  Campus Visit Procedure –Make An Appointment With The Admission Office –Pre-Arrange The Absence In The Attendance Office By Obtaining A College Visitation Form From Mrs. Witte –After The Visit, Have Representative Sign The College Visitation Form –Return The Signed Visitation Form to Mrs. Witte –You May Use Three Days Per Year (Any Additional Days Must Be Petitioned In Writing To Mr. Wilder)

9 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation9 Choosing A College  Hints For A Campus Visit –Make An Appointment –Take A Transcript –Visit In-session –Include Your Parents –Verify Admission Requirements –Ask About Financial Aid, Housing, And Student Life –Tour Campus, Meet With Teachers Or Attend Class –Ask About Career Planning Services And Placement Record Of Graduates –Write A Thank You Note

10 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation10 Choosing A College  College Recruiters Visiting U-High –Schedule Posted In Counseling Center, Throughout The Building And On Website; Also Placed In Daily Announcements –Obtain A Pass From The Counseling Center If During A Class Period –Come Prepared With Questions –You Are Responsible For Missed Class Material And Assignments

11 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation11 Academic Preparation  4-Year Colleges Often Use The Following Criteria When Determining Acceptance –Grade-Point Average –Strength of Subjects –ACT and/or SAT Scores –Letters of Recommendation –Activities and Awards –Personal Essays –Interviews

12 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation12 Academic Preparation  Letters of Recommendation AND –Select People Who Know You Well AND Who Can Write You A Good Recommendation –Give Letter Writers At Least One Week Notice  Pay For Any Postage That Is Required –Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute  Recommendations From Counseling Center –Fill Out The Information For Recommendations Form, Return To Mrs. Cropp –Personally Inform Me Of Anything Special You Would Like Included In Any Letter That I Would Write.

13 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation13 NCAA Eligibility  Division I Eligibility –16 Core Courses 4 years English 3 years Math 2 years Science 1 year additional of English, Math or Science 2 years of Social Science 4 years of additional courses from above or foreign language  Division II Eligibility –14 Core Courses 3 years English 2 years Math 2 years Science 2 year additional of English, Math or Science 2 years of Social Studies 3 years of additional courses from above or foreign language

14 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation14 NCAA Eligibility  Other Requirements –Minimum 2.000 GPA –GPA Matched With Sum of ACT Scores Example: Eng Math Read Sci Sum 17 19 20 19 75 The Sum of 75 Would Require a 2.300 GPA –ACT Test Taken on National Test Day  Register With The NCAA Clearinghouse  NCAA Will Now Accept The ACT Test Taken With The Prairie State Exam As Well As Ones Taken On National Test Days

15 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation15 Applying To College  Acquire An Application –From Counseling Center, By Contacting College, College Website, Or Apply On-line  Apply Early---Many 4-Year Colleges Have Early Application Deadlines In October or November  Personal Data Section Of Applications Must Be Filled Out  Bring The Following To The Counseling Center: –Completed Applications –Check For Application Fee (If Required) –Information For Recommendations Form  Counseling Center Will Complete School Part Of Application, Counselor Recommendation, Add School Profile Letter And Transcript, Then Mail Together As A Complete Packet

16 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation16 Applying To College  Verify Accuracy of Your Transcript –Check Personal Information: Name, Address, Birthday –Check Coursework Courses Taken, Grades, Credit Earned, Accuracy of Courses Taken For Grade Improvement Courses Taking This Year And That Cumulative Earned Credits Plus Total To Be Earned Credits Will Be 24.000 Credits Or More –Check Test Scores Check That Scores Are Accurate and All Included

17 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation17 PSAE Test  New State Law: –Prairie State Achievement Exam Is Required For Graduation From High School.  Anyone Who Has Not Taken The PSAE Should See Mr. Skinner Today!

18 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation18 Paying For College  Check For Scholarship Opportunities Throughout The Year –Review the U-High Scholarship Listing On-line or in Counseling Center –Research Scholarships via Multiple Sources (U-High Counseling Department Website) –Check With Parents If Their Place of Employment Offers Scholarships  Fill Out The FAFSA Form On Paper Or On-line At, Available After January 1, 2007  Fill Out Any College Financial Aid Forms  Meet Deadlines, Most Colleges Have Deadlines Between March 15 and April 15

19 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation19 Senior Survey  Please Complete The Fall Senior Survey  Return The Survey Prior To Leaving The Auditorium

20 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation20 ISU Dual Enrollment  ISU Classes For College And High School Credit  You Will Be Charged Tuition By ISU –$205.00 per credit hour  Application Deadline: Friday, October 13  Class Registration In Late October, Details To Follow  Arrangements For The ISU Classes For High School Credit Only Program Will Be Made In Early December

21 Fall, 2006Senior Presentation21 Final Thoughts  Apply Early  Meet Deadlines  Check With Counseling Center Often  Ask Questions  Dream, Plan, And Do It

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