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Dawn Miller Beth Sharrett Loudoun County Public Schools.

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1 Dawn Miller Beth Sharrett Loudoun County Public Schools



4 2008 Entrepreneurs’ Convention 1. Mini-book for each grade level 2. Student-created business presentation

5 Part 1

6 TemplateCompleted Page 1

7 TemplateCompleted Page 2

8 TemplateCompleted Page 3

9 TemplateCompleted Page 4

10 TemplateCompleted Page 1

11 TemplateCompleted Page 2

12 TemplateCompleted Page 3

13 TemplateCompleted Page 4

14 TemplateCompleted Page 1

15 TemplateCompleted Page 2

16 TemplateCompleted Page 3

17 TemplateCompleted Page 4

18 TemplateCompleted Page 1

19 TemplateCompleted Page 2

20 TemplateCompleted Page 3

21 TemplateCompleted Page 4

22 TemplateCompleted Page 5

23 TemplateCompleted Page 6

24 TemplateCompleted Page 7

25 TemplateCompleted Page 8

26 TemplateCompleted Page 9

27 TemplateCompleted Page 1

28 TemplateCompleted Page 2

29 TemplateCompleted Page 3

30 TemplateCompleted Page 4

31 TemplateCompleted Page 5

32 TemplateCompleted Page 6

33 TemplateCompleted Page 7 This page isn’t really printed, it is a reference page that students can use while working on the mini-book.

34 TemplateCompleted Page 1

35 TemplateCompleted Page 2

36 TemplateCompleted Page 3

37 TemplateCompleted Page 4

38 TemplateCompleted Page 5

39 Change template to meet your needs “Borrow” from other grade level presentations Printing Options - Switch to handouts - Select 2 per page, 4 per page, or 6 per page

40 Part 2 2008 Entrepreneurs’ Convention


42 Students come up with 3 businesses they feel qualified to do If project is being done in 4th grade then students can think of businesses that relate to the products or industries in Virginia The teacher approves one of the ideas, or suggests more ideas if needed.

43 Students are introduced to the "It's My Business" project by viewing the example slide show. Lots of students’ questions are answered. Expect a high level of excitement from students.

44 A picture of you will go here. We make the best Webpages! Wonderful Webpages

45 What We Offer Wonderful Webpages Our service is designing great looking Webpages Thoughtful designs based on your desires Web hosting is available

46 Who We Serve We are looking for new customers that want to be seen on the Internet. Individuals, new companies, smaller companies, and companies interested in expanding are all our biggest clients.

47 Our Expertise We have been in business for 3 years. We have an educated staff. All of our staff members have completed an extensive 4 week training to earn our company’s certification. We have a long list of references, feel free to ask us!

48 Why You Should Choose Us We listen to our clients to represent what they want. Other companies may perform the same service, but we offer the best service at the lowest price. We offer a three day guarantee.

49 Pricing Design a coupon or advertisement that shows how much your service or product costs. Money Saving Coupon! *Includes one month hosting service * Call us now to schedule an appointment for this great deal! Hurry, offer expires soon. Expires 5/2008

50 Contact Information Please contact us for more information:

51 Students take each other's pictures using a digital camera. Since students already know the businesses they will be doing, they can think about how they want to pose in the pictures (sans props since they will be "created" later).

52 Students learn about photo editing as they edit their own image. There is a brief introduction lesson on the picture editing software. Using Image Blender or Pixie, students open their image, then use the tools to turn the picture into their business pictures. In the pictures students should be showing what their goods or services are. Pictures are saved as.jpg and students learn that.jpg and.gif are picture file extensions.

53 Introduction to PowerPoint lesson. Students learn how to type in the text boxes, select different slides to view, add clip art (on-line version better), view as a slide show, etc. Students insert their edited pictures on slide 1.

54 Students fill out their "business" information using the hard copy (paper) template. The teacher is able to help with any economic vocabulary or concepts to ensure that students master the material as well as do a good job on their "It's My Business" project. With any available time, students type in their information once it is approved by the teacher.








62 Introduction to Publisher lesson. Students will be making their own business cards as they learn about the software. Each card should contain the name of the business, student's name, mailing address, 1-800 number, e-mail address, and a picture. The name of the student should be the only true information on each card, otherwise students are encouraged to be creative. The picture can be the student's edited picture or a generic clip art picture. When students are ready to print out their business cards enough are printed out so each student in the class will get one (10 on a page). A screen shot is taken of the business card and the "card" is inserted on the last page of the "It's My Business" slide show for contact information.

63 Students create their "incentive coupon". This can be done with clip art and text boxes or a program such as Paint, Pixie, or Kid Pix. If an introductory lesson is needed, one is provided. Students make an incentive coupon that entices the consumer to purchase the "It's My Business" good or service. The object is either saved as a.jpg or a screen shot is taken and the picture is inserted to slide 7 of the "It's My Business" template. Another copy is printed out and each student gives the teacher a coupon that will be put into a "Val Pak" like envelope that will be shared with the class at presentation time.


65 Students finish typing the content in their slide shows. Upon completion and with teacher's permission students can learn about inserting animations, sounds, and changing backgrounds (and changing font so there is good contrast). Students practice their presentations to prepare for the big convention!

66 Students take turns presenting their businesses during the 2008 Entrepreneur Convention. It's a big deal... a projector is used and everything. Each student passes out his or her business card and answers questions at the conclusion of his or her presentation. Halfway through the presentations is a good time for a break... some teachers even bring a snack like popsicles as a tasty treat.

67 Decide ahead of time if students are allowed to change the backgrounds or not. If not, create a background in “slide master” Have students print out their presentation as a mini-book. Then they can practice their presentation in the classroom or even at home Invite parents to come in for the big “convention”. The project is impressive to parents because of the creativity and technology

68 Free resource available to Virginia schools Economics WebQuest and Websites htm?ArdSI=ef7368a8b1c5091f6d44c033df6fc57a htm?ArdSI=ef7368a8b1c5091f6d44c033df6fc57a Cyber Lemonade Stand

69 Please feel free to contact us for further information: Dawn Miller Catoctin Elementary Leesburg, Virginia Beth Sharrett Dominion Trail Elementary Ashburn, Virginia Templates Available at:

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