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Lab Equipment.

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1 Lab Equipment

2 Beaker Used to hold and heat liquids

3 Test Tube Brush Used to clean test tubes

4 Beaker Tongs Used to handle hot beakers

5 Bunsen Burner Used for heating and exposing items to flame.

6 Crucible used to hold small amounts of chemicals during heating at high temperatures

7 graduated cylinder accurately measures liquid volumes

8 Stirring Rod used for stirring

9 evaporating dish liquids are heated over a flame so that they evaporate, leaving a solid residue

10 crucible tongs to hold hot crucibles

11 forceps used to pick up or hold small items

12 watch glass to hold solids while being weighed, or as a cover for a beaker

13 thermometer measures temperature (science uses degrees in Celsius)

14 Test Tube open tube used to hold liquids

15 test tube clamp clamp used to hold hot test-tube

16 dropper pipet or disposable pipet
for drawing in a liquid and expelling it in drops

17 funnel for pouring liquid or other substance through a small opening

18 mortar and pestle used to crush solids into powders for experiments

19 rubber stopper used to cover ends of test tubes and flasks

20 spatula small scoop used to transfer powder and crystal chemicals

21 wire gauze used to support a container (such as a beaker or flask) during heating

22 ring stand Ring stands are used to hold items being heated.

23 Erlenmeyer flask used to hold liquids, has narrow neck to prevent splashes

24 ring clamp used with ring stand to hold a glass container

25 clay triangle used to hold a crucible while the crucible is heated

26 goggles protects eyes from chemical splashes

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