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Lab Equipment. Balance Used to mass objects

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1 Lab Equipment

2 Balance Used to mass objects

3 Goggles Used for eye protection

4 Graduated Cylinder Used to make accurate liquid volume measurements

5 Beaker to hold and work with liquids

6 Hot Plate Used to heat up substances

7 Bunsen Burner to heat substances

8 Test Tube Used to hold a small experiment

9 Test Tube Rack Used to hold test tubes

10 Thermometer Used to determine Temperature

11 Flask Used to hold and store liquids

12 Mortar & Pestle Used to grind solids into powders.

13 Pipette Used to extract or deliver small amounts of a liquid.

14 Stirring Rod Used to agitate liquids for speeding up reactions or improving mixtures

15 Stoppers Used to close flasks and test tubes from the environment

16 pH Paper Used to test the acidity or alkanity of a substance

17 Filter Paper Used to rid a liquid of solid particles

18 Flint Striker Used to light Bunsen burners

19 Chemical Scoop Used to retrieve and dispense powder or solid chemicals

20 Evaporating Dish Used to evaporate solvent to concentrate a solution

21 Forceps Used for picking up solid substances

22 Funnels Used to transfer liquids into a container with a small opening

23 Ring Stand Used as a stable arm for attaching clamps and holders to aid in experiments

24 Ring Clamp Used to hold items, often over a Bunsen burner

25 Test Tube Clamp Used to attach test tubes to a ring stand

26 Test Tube Holder Used to hold test tubes during an experiment

27 Test Tube Brush Used to clean test tubes

28 Crucible Tongs Used for picking up small containers

29 Beaker Tongs Used for picking up larger containers

30 Watch Glass Used for holding small samples

31 Wire Gauze with Ceramic Centers Used to diffuse the heat of a Bunsen burner when heating glassware

32 Wood Splints Used for transferring flame

33 Conductivity Apparatus Used to test electrical conductivity

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