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Lab Equipment. Beaker: 1B Reaction vessel: wide opening allows for stirring.

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1 Lab Equipment

2 Beaker: 1B Reaction vessel: wide opening allows for stirring

3 Erlenmeyer Flask: 1E Reaction vessel: narrow opening and can be stoppered

4 Graduated Cylinder: 2D Used to measure volumes of liquids

5 Test Tubes: 6E 13 x 100 mm test tubes 10 x 75 mm test tubes Ignitiontube Long, narrow reaction vessel

6 Test Tube Holder: 6F Used to transport test tubes

7 Test Tube Racks: 2A Holds test tubes

8 Watch Glass: 4D Used to cover beakers (and also used to hold a small amount of solid)

9 Glass Stir Rod: 5C Used for stirring or for pouring to direct the flow of liquid

10 Medicine Dropper: 5D Used to transfer a small drops of reactant to reacting vessels (less than one mL) On top of each medicine dropper is a “rubber bulb”

11 Funnel: 6A Holds filter paper when separating liquids from solids

12 Pipet: 5E A calibrated thin narrow tube used to transfer liquids

13 Wash Bottle: 3A Holds water to rinse out reaction vessels

14 Spatulas: 2C Used to transfer solid chemicals Chemicals should never be transferred with your bare hands.

15 (Beaker) Tongs: 3D Used for moving hot objects

16 Crucible Tongs For handling hot crucibles; also used to pick up other hot objects. NOT to be used for picking up beakers!

17 Bunsen Burner: 5A Used to heat reactions

18 Evaporating Dish: 3B Used to heat solids to remove water

19 Crucible and Cover: 6C Reaction vessel: for heating small amounts of reactants

20 (Clay) Triangle: 2B Used to hold a crucible on the iron ring

21 Ringstand: 1A Flat base used to support objects

22 Iron Rings: 3E Ringstands and their Components The base to hold wire gauze and beakers on a ring stand above a Bunsen Burner

23 Utility Clamp: 4E Ringstands and their Components Used to hold glassware of different sizes on a ring stand

24 Wire Gauze: 4B Ringstands and their Components Used to support a beaker on an iron ring

25 Goggles: 4A Protection for your eyes and must be worn at all times during experiments

26 Dropping Bottle: 1D Used to hold and transfer concentrated liquids

27 Buret: 6B Calibrated tube used to discharge liquid to an accurate measurement

28 Thermometer: 2E Used to measure temperature (average kinetic energy)

29 Volumetric Flask: 3C Flask that is calibrated very accurately to a single volume

30 Mortar and Pestle: 5B Used to crush course crystals into a fine powder

31 Triple Beam Balance: 4C Used to mass reactants or products

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