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Informational Interviews & NETWORKING Career Center Workshop.

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1 Informational Interviews & NETWORKING Career Center Workshop

2 What is Networking ?  Making business contacts for future jobs  Exploring options in your chosen field – through CONTACTS How to Do It  Old School Networking – meeting people face to face, “Cocktail Parties”  New School – Online social networking  Informational Interviews Why Do It  80% of quality jobs come from networking!

3 How to Network Old School: “Cocktail Party” Cocktail Party Sound Bite ( AKA “Elevator speech”) What do you want to do? Get a job? Get an internship? Explore a field? Sell an idea? Answer “Tell me about yourself?” Meet SamSam Meet LillyLilly

4 How to Network Write your Sound Bite Your name Something about you Your networking goal

5 Informational Interviews  Who/what do you want to know?  Who is in your Circle of Influence? Family & Friends of family Your friends – their parents Teachers, instructors, business people & associations LinkedIn Everyone you meet LinkedIn

6 Informational Interviews DO YOUR HOMEWORK! (Google…)Google Make a list of your top 5-10 companies/fields/people of interest

7 Follow-Up Most important and hardest to do  Emails  Calls  Cards or letters (snail mail)  Drop by  Attend things they attend

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