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Interviewing with Confidence Cynthia Favre Gustavus Adolphus College Career Center.

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1 Interviewing with Confidence Cynthia Favre Gustavus Adolphus College Career Center

2 Tell Me About Your Self Find a partner (apple/orange) One minute to respond “Tell me about yourself” Switch – One more minute How was it?

3 Job and School Interviews Concepts can be used for both employment and graduate/professional school admission interviews Specific academic programs will have specific focus – law, medicine, etc. –Research what to expect in your specific field

4 Interview Ideas Passion –Many people have the skills; not everyone has the passion! “Its not bragging if its true” Help the employer make a good decision by providing information

5 More Interview Ideas Leadership – Initiative –see what needs to get done and make it happen Maturity – suspend personal agenda Pattern of Success Professional – Give a demonstration of how you work!

6 Demonstrated or Gained You are not rewarded for degrees or positions You are rewarded for what you have demonstrated or gained from the experiences You cannot over use these words in interviews!

7 Knowledge, Skills, Qualities Knowledge (Career Related) Skills (Transferable) –What you can do like tie your shoe Qualities (Self-Management) –Characteristics of you like do – er

8 150 Positives Students are not use to talking about themselves Need to develop language for this 150 Positive Skills and Qualities Write it Down! Flexible/Adaptable – BOTH! Mine the words for more color and richness! It can be done!

9 Research Employers What they do Where they are Why you are interested How you fit the organization

10 Image One chance to make a first impression Professional Dress –Business casual –Professional Professional Behavior –Stand to shake hands –Learn and use business etiquette

11 It’s a Conversation Ask for clarification Ask if you are on track Give question back –Would they like an example? –What skills have they found most valuable? Prepare questions to ask –No questions means you are not interested

12 3 Basic Questions What do you want to do? What do you have to offer? Why do you want this position at this place?

13 Types of Questions Fact (10%) –Can be confirmed by other sources Opinion (30%) –In your opinion…. Behavioral Based (60%) –Best predictor of future success based on past experience and success

14 Behavioral Based Questions Specific Stories and Examples –Tell me about a time when…. –Give me an example of… Be prepared for the negative –Tell me about a time you disagreed –Tell me your worst….

15 Prepare for Behavioral Based Think of peak experiences –When you show your best skills and qualities List the skills and qualities you demonstrated or gained Create a S.T.A.R. story One story can cover several skills and qualities

16 S.T.A.R. S: Situation T: Task A: Action R: Result (positive)

17 100% Responsible Communication in interview is 100% candidate’s responsibility If interview ends and they don’t know something important – its your fault, not theirs – even if they don’t ask the right questions

18 Career Outline You cannot tell whole life story Focus on 3 – 5 key things that make you a good candidate –Interests, skills, experiences, qualities, education Have a S.T.A.R. for each –Specific examples giving proof/evidence –Most people are visual – make a word picture

19 Summary Statement 20 second summary of 3 – 5 key strengths Write it out – to be articulate Use for networking situations too! “Tell me about yourself” “Do you have anything to add?”

20 Questions You Ask May be more important than your answers Show your interest in finding a good fit –If selected, what could I do to make an immediate contribution? –What characteristics do your most successful employees share? Avoid “What’s in it for me?”

21 What to Bring Portfolio Extra resumes Transcript List of References 3 – 5 key strengths List of questions Interview portfolio – if you have one

22 Ending Summarize 3 – 5 key strengths Learn when and how to follow-up Ask for the Sell –Please offer me the opportunity to work with you. –Please give me this job. –I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

23 Thank You Write thank you note within 2 working days Send by mail, NOT e-mail May be handwritten Send to primary interviewer/contact A demonstration of how you work

24 Tough Questions What is your greatest weakness? –Weakness for position –Life long learner Illegal Questions –I can answer better if I understand how this relates to the position

25 Only Positive You have only had positive learning experiences and challenges No negative or disparaging comments about employers, colleagues, teachers, etc. Do NOT appear immature, unwilling to be responsible, or whinny

26 Summary Answer questions Give examples Be specific Relate answers to position Keep it short, ask if they want more information –Especially for phone interviews

27 Preparation Write out answers to sample questions Videotapes Give answers to friend, mirror, tape recorder Attend professional events –Employer Information Day Practice Interview Mock Interview

28 Mock Interview Night Only Once this Year: Thursday, October 7, 2004 4:00 – 8:00 in Heritage Room Resumes due on eRecruiting by Sunday, Sept. 26 – open sign up Phone Interviewers available 45 minute appointments Professional dress

29 Reminders Professional Dress (SIFE – dress for success) Business Etiquette (LAN – etiquette dinner) Be on Time Smile and use names Bring Resumes Show how you fit the position

30 Career Center Student Union Open 8:00 – 4:30 on school days Quick Questions 2:00 – 3:30 on school days Resource library available when office is open Webpage and eRecruiting for calendar information

31 Contact Phone: 507-933-7586 Fax: 507-933-6277 E-mail: Webpage: Staff: Jeff Stocco, Director/Cynthia Favre, Career Management/Brian Koeneman, Internships/ Karen Ryan, Health Professions/ Kathy Allen/ Healther Banks/Karen Thomasson (intern)

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