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Networking Career Management Services Present ed by Delicia Lewis.

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1 Networking Career Management Services Present ed by Delicia Lewis

2 0 Defining Networking 0 Benefits of Networking 0 Who, What, Where is my Network? 0 How to Network 0 Building a Network 0 Keys to Successful Networking 0 Things to Keep in Mind

3 0 Merriam-Webster defines networking as … 0 The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions 0 Specifically the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business

4 0 Being Active 0 Openness 0 Information 0 Knowledge 0 New Leads 0 Contacts 0 Skills 0 Reputation 0 Support 0 Self Esteem

5 0 Who? 0 Write down the names of people you know and where they work if you know. 0 Include relatives, past or current coworkers, friends etc. 0 What? 0 What job are you looking for? 0 Consider industry or company. 0 Where? 0 Does someone else in the room have a contact at that particular company? 0 Does someone else know someone who works in that industry?

6 0 What industries are you targeting? 0 What positions interest you the most? 0 What are your specific career goals? 0 What skills are you marketing to potential employers? Know what you want! Knowing the answers to these questions will help you effectively communicate your career direction to your contacts.

7 0 Prepare 0 Spend time preparing brief introduction about your background, experience, skills and goals 0 Practice the introduction so you can deliver it with confidence 0 Complete a list of potential contacts 0 Keep in mind that “It’s not WHAT your know, it’s WHO you know.”

8 0 You can communicate with a networking contact by: 0 Phone 0 Letter 0 E-mail 0 Social Networking Sites 0 In Person

9 0 When calling a contact, be clear and concise in your message 0 Prepare a list of questions prior to talking with the contact 0 Know what advice or information you are seeking 0 Gather contact information 0 Ask contact if you can keep in touch periodically 0 Expand your network by asking the contact to refer you

10 0 Join social networks online 0 Get a personal business card 0 Brand yourself 0 Become an information sponge 0 Join virtual communities where your target market is 0 Attend gatherings 0 Meet 5 new people 0 Globalize your network 0 Take control of your virtual presence 0 Take a leadership role in your industry network The best time to build your network is before you need something; and the best time to keep that network strong is always.

11 0 Always send a thank-you letter after someone has helped you 0 Organize your efforts by tracking who you’ve contacted, the date of contact and the outcome or action step which resulted 0 Notify your contacts when you have found a position 0 Be helpful to others when they ask to network with you

12 0 Consider everyone you meet a potential networking contact 0 Seek out new networking contacts by a asking for business cards of potential contacts 0 Join a professional organization related to your career interest 0 Be enthusiastic and positive when talking to your networking contacts

13 DO DO NOT 0 Be genuine to gain credibility and long-term relations 0 Feed the network to pass on useful information and show you are engaged 0 Offer to help using humor and tact 0 Focus on getting something from a new contact immediately 0 Hide behind technology and avoid face-to-face networking 0 Forget to read your audience and provide a personal approach

14 0 Experience: Part-time and Full-time job postings 0 Resume & Cover Letter Critiques 0 Internships & Co-op 0 ProTrack 0 Federal Work-Study 0 Florida Work-Experience 0 Career Workshops 0 Career Fair and Employer Day 0 Mock Interviews 0 And much, much more!

15 Connect to Career Management Services Today! Florida Institute of Technology- Career Management Services @panthercareer Florida Tech Career Management Services

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